Programme specific councelling email addresses

If you are looking for information about the projects in international programmes, please contact the unit responsible for the programmes. Some programmes have a programme specific councelling email:

Vocational education and training

  • Erasmus+ for vocational education and training: erasmus.voced(at)

Higher education

  • Erasmus+ for higher education: erasmus(at)
  • Asia Programme: aasia(at)
  • Eritrea Programme: eritrea(at)
  • FIRST: first(at)
  • HEI ICI: heiici(at)
  • Nordplus Higher Education, nordplus(at)
  • Scholar Rescue Fund: srf(at)

General and adult education

  • Erasmus+ for general education: comenius(at)
  • Erasmus+ for adult education: grundtvig(at), EPALE: epale(at)
  • Nordplus Junior, Adult Learning, Horizontal ja Nordic Languages, nordplus(at)

Youth, culture and sport

  • Erasmus+ for youth sector: nuoriso(at)
  • Creative Europa: kulttuuri(at)

See also EDUFI phonebook