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Active use of social media increases the number of visitors to CIMO's websites

In 2015, there was an almost 10% increase in visitors to CIMO's websites compared to the year before. The increase was mainly thanks to the rise in the popularity of the Study in Finland service. More and more visitors find CIMO's online services through the social media.

In 2015, over 1,970,000 visitors used CIMO's online services, including the different language versions of, the Study in Finland service that markets Finnish education, as well as and that provide information about international opportunities to young Finns. The number of visitors to the Study in Finland service increased by 26% compared to the year before, whereas visits to the renewed did not quite reach the previous levels yet.

By far the most popular of CIMO's online services, Study in Finland, had almost 1,287 000 visitors. People looked for information especially about opportunities to study English-language degrees, about application deadlines and processes of Finnish higher education institutions and about the cost and funding of studies.

Study in Finland is also the most popular Facebook page of CIMO, with over 200,000 likes already. The page is an effective tool to market Finland and provide student advice. The popularity of the new Instagram page also took off dramatically at the beginning of the summer, and by the end of the year it already had over 4,500 followers.

The number of likes on the Facebook page increased by 50% during the year, currently having 4,000 likes. People came to online service through the Facebook page 90% more often than the previous year; the number of those coming via Twitter increased as much as 250%. This is because of a number of new Facebook and Twitter pages for different target groups started during the year.

During 2015, CIMO published almost 50 YouTube videos that were seen 23,000 times. The videos covered e.g. experiences of international students in Finland and Finnish students' experiences of studying, traineeships and on-the-job training abroad. The most popular video, however, was a video to promote the importance of international competences among employers, published both on YouTube and Facebook. The Finnish video was called "Language skills – the most overrated thing in the world" and was produced together with Vapa media agency.

(16.3.2016 | TL)

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