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Finnish National Agency for Education begins its operations at the beginning of 2017

A new agency aimed at developing Finnish education, learning and competence will be launched at the beginning of 2017 as Finnish National Board of Education and CIMO Centre for International Mobility merge to form Finnish National Agency for Education. The new organisation will continue to provide expert services in the same fields as its predecessors: developing education and life-long learning as well as promoting international mobility and cooperation.

According to the new director general for Finnish National Agency for Education Mr Olli-Pekka Heinonen, the merger of CIMO and FNBE is a natural continuum of the two organisations’ work within the same field and with similar target groups. Heinonen emphasises that customer and service orientation are key elements in how the agency will develop its operations in the future.

New organisational structure for the agency has been confirmed and directors for its six departments chosen. Personnel from both organisations will continue their employment in the new agency. In all, Finnish National Agency for Education will employ some 370 experts in the fields of education and internationalisation.

Over half of the agency’s budget allocated to grants and scholarships

In 2017, Finnish National Agency for Education will receive some 223 million euros in funding. Out of this, 58 percent, that is 130 million euros, will be distributed to customers as different grants, subsidies and scholarships. Some 32 percent of the overall sum distributed to customers is allocated to financing international mobility and cooperation.

The funding for state-owned schools operating in annex to the agency comprises of approximately 50 million euros. The proceeds of the agency’s service provision are 7.3 million.

In addition to receiving funding from the Finnish state budget through the Ministry of Education and Culture, the agency also receives funding from instances such as the European Commission, for operations related international cooperation in particular. Funding from outside the state budget is some 34.5 million euros.

Services continue, some changes to contact information

All services will continue regardless of changes in the organisation. Tasks formerly carried out in CIMO will, for the most part, be handled by a department titled Internationalisation services led by Mr Samu Seitsalo. The department will provide services in implementing international programmes and agreements, producing data related to internationalisation as well as providing information and advice on possibilities for international cooperation and mobility.

Former CIMO customers will face some changes in contact information from the beginning of January 2017. The telephone number for the agency’s switchboard will be +358 295 331 000. The format of personnel’s email addresses will be The new postal address will be Finnish National Agency for Education, P.O. Box 380, 00531 Helsinki, Finland. There will be no changes to the direct telephone numbers for experts. Also, web addresses will remain unchanged for the time being.

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