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First step for the participants of the Future Leaders Programme into the summer of their lives

Fifteen Finnish upper secondary school pupils, selected to take part in the Future Leaders Programme, funded by CIMO and the US embassy, started to learn about the programme and get to know each other in the launch events of the programme at CIMO and the US embassy in mid-May.

The programme is targeted at 16 to 17 year-old upper secondary school pupils, interested in social issues, and its themes include leadership skills and active citizenship. The programme provides for reciprocal 6-week scholarships for Finns to go to the United States and US pupils to come to Finland. The exchanges will take place over the summer and the student exchange organisation AFS is responsible for the practical arrangements.

The selected Finns were given information about American culture and education system and further study opportunities, among other things. The young people will travel to the region of Washington DC at the end of June when they will get to know the American Future Leaders scholarship holders who will travel to Finland in July.

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