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Four Nordic Master programmes are granted funding in 2015 Call for proposals

Four (4) new joint Nordic master programmes receive funding in the 2015 Call for proposals.

A total of seven (7) proposals were submitted during the first round of Call for proposals in the new Nordic Master programme. All Nordic countries were represented among the applying consortia. The maximum grant for each of the funded programmes is 1.5 million Danish Krones (approx. 200 000 euros).

The Nordic Master programmes that are granted funding from the 2015 Call for proposals are:

  • Nordic Master in Social Work and Welfare (coordinating university: University of Stavanger, partner universities: Aalborg University and Umeå University)
  • Nordic Master Programme in Innovative Governance and Public Management (coordinating university: University of Tampere, partner universities University of Agder and KTH School of Education and Communication in Engineering Science)
  • Nordic Urban Planning Studies (coordinating university: Roskilde University, partner universities: Malmö University and University of Tromsø)
  • Nordic Master programme in Innovation and Development (coordinating university: Aalborg University, partner universities: University of Oslo, Lund University and University of Tampere)

Two thematic programmes to receive support in 2015 Call for proposals

The Nordic Council of Ministers granted support on the grounds of thematic compatibility to two programmes. Nordic Master in Social Work and Welfare programme received support from the Sustainable Nordic Welfare category and Nordic Master in Innovation and Development programme from the thematic category of green growth.

CIMO manages the new programme

The Nordic Council of Ministers has selected CIMO to manage the programme in 2015-2018. The programme is anticipated to have annual Calls for proposals, with the next one planned to take place in the spring 2016.

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