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Importing and exporting expertise – country selection for traineeships of special fields is to expand

This year, CIMO continues with the experiment that offers traineeships in special fields to students of higher education and recent graduates in BRIC countries and a few other countries outside Europe that are Finland’s significant co-operation partners.

In 2014, the specialty field traineeships were piloted with Brazil, where a dozen good traineeship places were found in both the private and public sectors. This year, the experiment expands to China and India. In addition, few traineeships are available in Chile where Finland has been involved in long-term and high-quality co-operation.

Traineeships are available in the specialty fields of Finland and the destination countries. This year, traineeships are available in such fields as clean tech and environment, industrial design, mechanical engineering, tourism, social work, IT and game industry, teaching and education and wine industry.

The aim is to sharpen the traineeships on offer to increase the competitiveness of Finns and to expand and deepen understanding between cultures. At the same time, we also export Finnish know-how to our partner countries as well as import expertise from these countries to Finland.

The focus areas of the Academy of Finland have also been taken into account when selecting the specialty fields. Some of the traineeships are still in the so-called soft industries and designed for humanists, social scientists and educationalists as it is harder for them to find paid traineeships in their own field from abroad.

CIMO’s Country Programme has for several years offered traineeships in BRIC countries and also in Chile, Peru and Argentina. Specialty field traineeships also complement CIMO’s Organisations programme in which the traineeship takes place abroad but in a Finnish organisation or in an organisation with close ties to Finland, such as Finnish embassies, Finnish Cultural and Scientific Institutes and FinPro (Export, Invest and Visit Finland). Through this programme, Finnish employers working abroad provide high-quality traineeship opportunities for students and recent graduates all over the world.

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(18.9.2015 / Text and photo: Jaana Mutanen)

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