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North–South–South awards more than 2 million euros for higher education development co-operation

23 networks have been awarded 2,246,800 euros in all. Of the networks, 16 are co-ordinated by universities, 7 by universities of applied sciences. As many as 10 projects will now receive NSS funding for the first time.

The funded projects include a range of academic fields, such as social services and health, teacher education, culture, communications and media, tourism, engineering and IT, and forestry and natural sciences. The most popular partner countries are South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia. Other partner countries include e.g. Nepal, Vietnam, Peru and Belarus.

Mobility and intensive courses

The North–South–South programme focuses on student and teacher mobility, but the role of intensive courses has also increased. These courses help to create new teaching curricula and methods and they also enhance collaboration between the developing countries themselves.
This application round granted 1,685,420 euros for 474 mobility periods (both student and teacher mobility). A total of 335,200 euros were granted for 27 intensive courses.

In this final application round of the current programme period, applications were submitted by 34 networks. Six of the funded networks also have a project funded through the HEI ICI programme. The programme period for the funded networks is 1.6.2014–31.12.2015.

Seeking to enhance higher education capacity in developing countries

CIMO manages two programmes of higher education development co-operation. The activities and impact of these programmes is currently being evaluated. The evaluation is to be concluded in the summer of 2014. Information about the future of the North–South–South programme and about the next application round will be available in autumn 2014.

The NSS programme has since 2004 supported reciprocal student and teacher mobility, joint intensive courses, networking of higher education institutions between Finland and the developing countries, and the sharing of results of network partnerships. The programme strives to develop higher education collaboration between institutions in Finland and in the developing countries in order to enhance both higher education and human capacity and resources. This also helps to attain the goals of Finnish development policy. The programme is funded from the development co-operation appropriations of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Funded networks 2014-2015 (pdf)
North–South–South statistics, application round 2014 (pdf)
North–South–South funding statistics 2004–2013 (pdf)

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