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Your chance to visit Finnish schools!

Erasmus in Schools is a nationwide programme aimed at all Erasmus students, international exchange and degree students and EVS volunteers interested in visiting local schools during their stay in Finland. It is a great way to add meaning to one's Finnish experience by getting to know Finnish culture and schools. International students will present their country and increase Finnish pupils' knowledge of other cultures and encourage them to study abroad.

The Erasmus in Schools project gives a chance to visit:

  • Early childhood education and care (ages 0-5)
  • Pre-primary education (age 6)
  • Comprehensive school (ages 7-16)
  • General upper secondary school (ages 16-19)
  • Vocational institution (ages 16-19)

Information about the Finnish education system: Finnish education in a nut shell

School visitors can work as a teacher's helper, carry out a project with the class, give a lecture on a certain topic etc.- depending on what the student and the teacher/school wants. School visits can be carried out in any classes - in subjects such as languages, history, geography, sports, arts, cooking, biology, religion and student counselling classes. Basically with everything that has something to do with school life! Students can also take part in a theme day organized by the local school e.g. an international day.

Practicalities of the programme

Students and volunteers will be able to express their wishes and tell about their special skills when they sign up for the programme. The actual planning and implementation of the visit will be agreed between the visitor and the teacher/school. Every student and volunteer will participate in at least 2-3 classes once signed up for the program. The date(s) and time(s) of the visit(s) are to be agreed between the visitor and the teacher/school.

The visitor will be provided with an official Certificate of Participation by the Finnish National Agency for Education. Travelling expenses will be reimbursed if the visitor needs to travel outside of the municipality of residence. The visitor will also fill in a short online report stating the result of the visit.

Check out previous students' experiences from the videos on the right!

Before the visit

Please note that we will first try and find matches for students who are leaving Finland at the end of spring semester 2018.

After the visit

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Erasmus in Schools

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