Developing Development Studies II

Coordinator University of Helsinki
Contact details

Project coordinator: Elina Oinas, elina.oinas(at)
Project secretary: Milla Hyvärinen, camilla.hyvarinen(at)

Budget €428 936
Duration 6/2013 - 12/2015, 30 months
Academic field Development studies


University of Jyväskylä, Finland
University of Zambia, Zambia
University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Brief Description:

The overall aim of this capacity development project is to increase the effectiveness of development policies in Tanzania and Zambia. The project has three main components: staff development, curriculum development and administrative development. The purpose of each component is to produce professionals in development studies that are capable of participating in policy dialogue, training future cohorts, and carrying out policy-relevant research.

In staff development the aim is to increase the skills of 12 staff members in Tanzanian and Zambian universities to be able to take part in policy discussions and contribute to academic debate on development. The goal is also to have 6 PhD students ready to submit their thesis. These objectives are sought through different workshops.

Curriculum development seeks to develop excellent courses and programmes in development studies, as well as appropriate internet-based resources in teaching and thesis work, in both African universities. To reach this goal, course manuals are developed.

In administrative development the goal is to develop the administrative capacity of University of Zambia to be able to run its MA programme and to collaborate internationally. This will be obtained mainly by supporting the recently established international office, running exchange programmes and training of administrational staff.

Result Area(s):

  • Improved quality and relevance of higher education
  • Enhanced management, leadership and governance capacities in higher education institutions
  • Improved information management in teaching and learning
  • Strengthened the role and relevance of the HEIs in development

Key Results to be Achieved:

  • Staff development: 12 staff and student members with sufficient skills in order to contribute to policy discussions and academic debate in the field of development and train new cohorts of development professionals
  • Staff development: 6 PhD students ready to submit their thesis
  • Curriculum development: Curricula for excellent courses, modules and programmes developed. Internet-based resources are efficiently appropriated for teaching and thesis work
  • Administrative development: Admin capacity for UNZA to run MA programme and participate in programmes for international collaboration and exchange

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