Online Training of Trainers: Initiative to Develop Pedagogical Practices in Palestinian Higher Education (eTraining FinPal)

Academic Disciplines Education
Project Budget € 618 879 with MFA funding (total budget € 773 599)
Project Duration 3 years
Coordinating Institution University of Tampere
Contact Details Vesa Korhonen,, +358401901465
Partner Institution(s) Islamic University of Gaza, Palestinian Adm. Areas
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Description of the Project

The eTraining FinPal project is a cooperation between Higher Education in Transition (HET) research group in the Faculty of Education at UTA and Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) in Palestine. IUG is the largest university in Gaza strip with 11 faculties, more than 20,000 students and about 977 staff members. IUG strategic goals seek to improve learning environment and the level of services presented to its students and staff. They also seek to reinforce partnership and cooperative relationships with international organizations. The project supports the strategic goals of IUG and aims to improve pedagogical competencies and teaching capacity of IUG staff, as well as supporting them to build their own pedagogical competencies program. The ultimate goal of the project is to strengthen educational process quality of Palestinian HEIs to contribute to well-functioning, efficient and developed societies. To satisfy the ultimate goal, this project aims at enhancing pedagogical capacity of Palestinian universities and fostering their participation in local, regional and international cooperation. A tangible indicator of the proposed project's success is the actual and significant change in academics practices in classrooms. Signs of this success may be assessed by evaluating students’ engagement in pedagogical practices; level of integrating technology in teaching; change in academics’ attitudes towards learning and teaching in HE; and the capacity of Palestinian staff in building the national pedagogical program.

The proposed project adopts a series of activities to fulfil its aim and ultimate goal. The project will be divided into 5 consecutive phases:

1. Assessment (Pedagogical competencies questionnaire and Interviews)

2. Designing Study Program (6 study modules on university pedagogics)

3. Training of Trainers (ToT) (Online training of 15 IUG staff members)

4. Dissemination of the Program (University pedagogy unit and implenting the first round of their own pedagogical training program)

5. Program Evaluation (Pedagogical competencies questionnaire, Student satisfaction questionnaire, Final conference)

Key Results to be Achieved:

1. Improving pedagogical competencies and teaching capacity of IUG staff

2. Supporting them to build IUG own pedagogical competencies program

3. Strengthening the quality of educational process of Palestinian HEIs in general