Forestry Education in Venezuela: Capacity Development in University of the Andes

Coordinator University of Eastern Finland
Contact details

Dr Sari Pitkänen, email: sari.k.pitkanen(at)

Budget €497 662,65
Duration 3/2013 - 12/2015
Academic field Forestry and education


University of the Andes, Venezuela

Brief Description:

The aim is to promote socioeconomic development and sustainable forest management in Venezuela through strengthening the human and institutional capacity of forestry education in the country. The purpose is to improve and enhance the forestry education at University of the Andes utilizing the expertise from University of Eastern Finland regarding forestry education and ICTs, through i) curricula development, ii) improvement of pedagogical practices and educational materials, iii) support and training on the use of ICT, and iv) strengthening rural development and environment-related issues in forestry education.

Result Area(s):

  • Improved quality and relevance of higher education
  • Enhanced management, leadership and governance capacities in higher education institutions
  • Improved information management in teaching and learning

Key Results to be Achieved:

  • Updated pedagogical and ICT methods and materials are effectively used by core group of teachers in environmental and forestry education courses
  • Revised and updated curricula for environmental and forestry studies, strengthening the areas of forest ecology and the environment, with linkage to technical studies; and reinforcement of local and global partnerships and networks (RELAFOR and IPFE), and the internationalization of the education
  • ICT development (hardware and software, learning management system) in support of forestry and environmental teaching, learning and networking
  • Forestry and environmental education assessment and evaluation systems (teaching and learning) for core group teachers, working proposal for evaluation of education guidelines according to the government procedures, and improved support from curriculum and curricula administration
  • Caparo field station is used efficiently in environmental and forestry teaching and training for improved understanding and participatory actions towards local communities