Project team in the kick-off meeting in Hanoi, June 2013, by University of Turku.

Photo: University of Turku

Institutional Cooperation for the Development of Information Technology Education in Vietnam

Coordinator University of Turku
Contact details

Céline Charpentron, Project manager

Budget €601 346,76
Duration 03/2013 - 12/2015 34 months
Academic field Information technology, Entrepreneurship, Business


University of Turku, Business and Innovation Development BID, Finland
Hanoi University of Science and Technology, School of ICT (SOICT), Vietnam
University of Danang, Faculty of IT (ITF - DUT) and College of IT (CIT), Vietnam

Brief Description:

The overall objective of the project is to enhance the relevance of higher education and the employability of higher education students in the field of Information Technology in Vietnam, in Hanoi and Danang regions. In order to achieve this the project will improve the quality of higher education curriculum and academia-industry collaboration in ICT education to meet the international standards and the requirements of the world of work. Main beneficiaries of the project are students and staff members in two Vietnamese Universities – Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) and University of Danang (UD).

The project will conduct a curriculum review of one regular engineering programme at HUST to ensure that the level of current education is equal to European and particularly Finnish educational programme standards in information technology. Partners will also develop and pilot together with industry partners a new course on new venture creation at HUST in order to raise the level of business competence and preparedness for self-employment among students. The level of teaching capabilities of teaching staff is also raised through pedagogical training organized in Finland. The project provides opportunities for partner universities also to transfer good practices from Finland to Vietnam, particularly those related to academia-industry collaboration.

Result Area(s):

  • Improved quality and relevance of higher education

Key Results to be Achieved:

  • Curriculum review and bilateral collaboration between University of Turku (UTU) and School of ICTS (SOICT) at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology:

Objective is to enhance the quality of study programmes at SOICT and bilateral co-operation (e.g. study exchange) between Vietnam and Finland. In order to achieve this one selected study programme at the SOICT – A regular engineering programme – will be reviewed according to European standards. With the review, the University of Turku will contribute to the development of the programme substance and define the framework conditions for future bilateral co-operation between UTU and SOICT.

  • Piloting of a new course “Starting-up a knowledge intensive business:

Objective is to develop new business related content to be integrated as part of the existing curriculum in the Master of Engineering programmes at SOICT. A new course “Starting-up a knowledge intensive business”, promoting entrepreneurial values and business understanding, is developed and piloted jointly with partner universities and their company partners. Teachers at Vietnamese partner universities will participate to a specifically designed teacher training to be able to independently carry on running the course (or similar business courses) as part of engineering programmes after the life-time of the HEI ICI project.

  • Enhancing collaboration between education and the business sector:

Objective is to enhance the relevance of education and employability of students through intensified collaboration in education with the world of work, namely future employers and companies. The component will include promoting collaboration to companies, especially those with international background, and engaging companies to internships and co-teaching with the Vietnamese partner universities. As a benchmark, academia-industry co-operation models at Business and Innovation Development BID unit at UTU will be used to transfer best practices from Europe to Vietnam.