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United Nations Development Programme UNDP

Hanoi, Vietnam

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UNDP CO Vietnam, Governance and Participation Team


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Organizational Context/Project:

UNDP has been in Viet Nam since 1977, when there was very limited donor and international presence. Since that time, UNDP’s role in Viet Nam has evolved through the country’s many stages of transition, struggle and success. At UNDP, Viet Nam we continue to provide critical support in the areas of democratic governance and participation; inclusive and equitable growth; and sustainable development, climate change and disaster risk reduction. Our efforts to support Viet Nam’s development agenda are firmly grounded in the context of the One Strategic Plan, the consolidated programme of work of all UN agencies working in Viet Nam.

In our work we continue to be guided by our principles of human development, equity and human rights. UNDP in Viet Nam has programme work in the area of public administration, anti-corruption, rule of law/access to justice (RoL) and human rights in the following areas and with the following key partners.

The ‘EU Justice and Legal Empowerment’ Programmme is implemented by UNDP under the leadership of the Ministry of Justice alongside a component that supports to civil society engagement in the justice sector. The project supports a number of Viet Nam’s key priorities in legal and judicial reform. As well as continuing to support the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Viet Nam's Legal System to the Year 2010 with vision to 2020 (LSDS), the project also supports the Judicial Reform Steering Committee’s Secretariat to conduct cross-cutting research on implementation of the Judicial Reform Strategy to 2020 (JRS). The project also seeks to strengthen the role of civil society in justice sector reform. The project will begin in the third quarter of 2017 and this initial year will involve significant work on building the follow on programme strategy, in partnership with government agencies.

The policy research and advocacy function in Governance and Participation provides the Government and stakeholders with best practice, high-quality policy advice on how to respond to a range of acute challenges focussed on Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Agenda to promote government accountability, human rights and access to justice. The intern will support the Governance and Participation Team to work towards improving governance and public administration at the provincial level. In particular, the intern will support the team working on the Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI, see www.papi.org.vn/en), a policy monitoring tool that reflects citizens’ experiences with government performance each year, since 2011. In this initiative, UNDP Vietnam partners with the Centre for Community Support and Development and the Centre for Research and Training of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front. PAPI also interacts with Provincial People’s Committees and other governmental, research, and non-profit organizations.

Human rights protection is a cross cutting theme in the programme activities of the GPT unit. The GPT unit have previously chaired the UN wide Human Rights Technical Working Group, and will continue to play an active role in the newly developed Human Rights Thematic Group supporting the UN in Viet Nam One Strategic Plan 2017-21. GPT will contribute to UN wide efforts to protect and promote human rights by taking forward the business and human rights agenda in Vietnam, including implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, assisting in the support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in efforts to coordinate implementation of the recommendations under the UPR 2nd cycle review, and continue to assess draft legislative amendments in line with Vietnam’s international human rights commitments. The GPT also chairs the Informal Development Partners Working Group on Human Rights, an external group of partners that the UN convenes to share information on Human Rights in Viet Nam.

The intern will work in the Governance and Participation unit of UNDP in direct support of these programme areas.

Description of tasks

Under the direct supervision of the Assistant Country Director, Governance and Participation, the intern will undertake the following tasks:

  • Support for project development: Working with colleagues, identify opportunities for UNDP support in the assigned area, and contribute to the formulation and initiation of new projects as needed;
  • Support for project delivery: Provide to the planning and coordination of the implementation of ongoing projects in the assigned area, including by advising on the preparation of work plans, terms of references, progress reports, etc;
  • Support for project assurance: Conduct assessment of the overall performance, relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of projects, the quality and effective realisation of outputs, and adherence to applicable UNDP rules, regulations and standards, including on M&E and results-based management;
  • Knowledge sharing and learning: Actively promote the sharing of lessons learned and best practices amongst projects, counterparts, donors and within the UNDP office, build in-depth substantive and process knowledge in the assigned area, and participate in global knowledge networks.

Specifically in the area of Public Administration, RoL and Human Rights

A. Public Administration

  • Support the collection of data and information for PAPI analysis, report formulation and policy advocacy;
  • Support the production of quantitative data analysis
  • Support the team in writing up research reports, publications;

B. Rule of Law

  • Work to improve legal education of law schools and government.
  • Deliver UNDP programmes with the Government to increase access to justice services and provide legal rights awareness for marginalized communities.
  • Research appropriate needs assessment tools to identify knowledge deficits of rights holders and duty bearers in human rights areas.
  • Conducting primary and secondary research on key laws which UNDP is providing input to the Government, with an emphasis on alignment with international treaties and commitments made during Viet Nam’s 2nd Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights.

C. Human Rights

  • Providing assistance to the work of the Human Rights Thematic Group on behalf of UNDP GPT, and the Informal Development Partners Working Group on Human Rights on behalf of the UN.
  • Conducting human rights assessment of draft legislative amendments.
  • Provide assistance to relevant stakeholders in the follow-up to the 2nd Cycle Review under the UPR, and in preparation for the 3rd Cycle Review in early 2019.
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