Kansainvälisen harjoittelun paikat syys-lokakuussa 2017

United Nations Development Programme UNDP
Maputo, Mosambik

Ohjelma Kehitysyhteistyötä tekevät organisaatiot ulkomailla
Harjoittelupaikka Intern - Human Rights, UNDP Maputo, Mozambique
Harjoitteluaika 6 kk, aloitus aikaisintaan 15.1.2018, harjoittelija sopii aloituspäivän työnantajan kanssa

Organizational Context

Under the overall guidance and supervision of the Head of Governance Unit, the intern will work as part of the team implementing the Access to Justice and Human Rights programme of UNDP CPD 2017-2020. The programme is composed by two projects, namely:

  • Improved Access to Justice and Human Rights protection in Mozambique and
  • Improving the Implementation of the Universal Periodic Review Recommendations in Mozambique through Strengthening the Monitoring Role of Civil Society.

He/she will work in partnership and consultation with both Project’s teams. The intern will be housed in UNDP CO and travel whenever necessary to projects sites.

Objectives of the Internship

  • Enhance the educational experience of graduate students through practical and guided hands-on exposure and involvement in UNDP’s development projects in Mozambique, in particular in the area of Justice and Human Rights;
  • Provide graduate students with an exposure to the working environment of a multilateral organization and a better understanding of UNDP Mozambique’s goals and activities.

Duties and Responsibilities/Output Expectation

Under the direct supervision of the Head of Goverance Unit, the intern is expected to perform the following tasks:

  1. Conduct research in the thematic priority areas that is determined jointly by the supervisor and the intern;
  2. Compiling best practices, lessons learnt, experiences and stories on key thematic development areas;
  3. Conduct research on the linkages between the SDGs and the UPR, with a focus on the UPR Action Plan in Mozambique
  4. Assist in the organization of events and forums;
  5. Drafting and consolidating various documents (articles, factsheets, reports, concept notes etc);
  6. Assisting in the preparation of briefing notes and presentations when required;
  7. Any other tasks as needed.

At the end of the internship, the following outputs will be expected:
A research report in the thematic priority areas that is determined jointly by the supervisor and the intern.



  • Excellent organizational, time management and strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multi-task, to work flexibly and meet tight deadlines
  • Attention to details and proven ability to work independently and effectively with minimum supervision
  • Networking skills to engage with key internal and external partners
  • Knowledge of the UN/UNDP and commitment to UN mission and UNDP mandate

Eligibility and skills

The candidate must be a student, enrolled in a graduate-level degree programme at the time of application and during the internship. Candidates that have graduated are not eligible for internship.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in English required.
  • Knowledge of Portuguese is desirable, but not a condition
Apuraha OPH:n apuraha 850 euroa / kk
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Asunto -

All costs such as living expenses, travel, visa application fees and any other costs related to the internship will be borne by the intern unless provided for by a sponsoring institution.
UNDP Mozambique will incur no costs except for travel that is related to the implementation of projects in Mozambique for which the intern is assigned.

Status in the UN
Gratis Personnel are not considered as staff members.

Other Relevant Information
The purpose of the Internship Programme is not to lead to further employment with UNDP but to complement an intern’s studies. Therefore, there should be no expectation of employment at the end of an internship
The intern must keep confidential any and all unpublished information made known during the course of the internship and not publish any reports or paper on the basis of information obtained except with the written approval and authorization of UNDP.