Kansainvälisen harjoittelun paikat helmikuussa 2017

Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF)

Aleksandria, Egypti

Ohjelma Kehitysyhteistyötä tekevät organisaatiot ulkomailla
Harjoittelupaikka Intern, Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF), Alexandria, Egypt

6 kk, aloitus 1.5.2017 tai aikaisemmin
Ilmoita hakemuksessasi, jos voit aloittaa harjoittelun ennen toukokuuta 2017.

Työaika: 5 pv/vko sunnuntaista torstaihin klo. 9.00 - 17.00


Huom! Harjoittelija halutaan sijoitaa ensisijaisesti viestintäyksikköön. Harjoittelija voidaan sijoittaa myös muihin yksiköihin tarvittaessa, riippuen hakijoiden osaamisesta.

Job description

For intern assigned to Communication Unit:

1. Global partnerships:

  • Data collection and contributing to the reporting system for institutional affairs, institutional and media partnership development.
  • Supporting an effective follow-up with relevant partner institutions.

2. Strategic communications:

  • Preparation and follow-up of social media campaigns.
  • Reviewing, maintaining and updating the office database.
  • Internal reporting and preparation of publications.

3. Logistical support:
Organisation and operational preparation of events and activities

Any other tasks as assigned by the direct supervisor.

For Intern assigned to Admin and Finance Unit (AFU):

1. Support to the AFU detachment unit in preparing and finalizing Unit dossiers.

2. Overall assistance in carrying out, as example:

  • Data compilation
  • Work with excel document
  • Assisting in filing process
  • Assisting with Procurement Procedures
  • Assisting in various Financial activities
  • Any other tasks as assigned by the direct supervisor.

For intern assigned to Programmes and Networks Unit:

  • Support to the unit in the implementation of the activities.
  • Support in the data compilation, reporting and monitoring tools.
  • Documentation and Research support in the field of EuroMed intercultural dialogue programmes.
  • Any other tasks as assigned by the direct supervisor.

Profile and skills Required

  • Must hold a Bachelor degree (minimum).
  • Must have good knowledge of standard computer software (MS Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint and Outlook®).
  • Must be good in spoken and written English with French/Arabic as an asset.
  • Creative and Flexible.
Profile and skills for intern at communication section:
  • Knowledge of Digital Media
  • Knowledge of and interest in Social Media.
  • Strong interest in intercultural dialogue and the EU policy for the Euro-Med region.

Preferably 19 - 32 years old

ALF accepts students or recently graduated students with less than two years of working experience.

Academic qualifications
BA or MA in areas relevant to ALF mission: humanities and social sciences, for example

  • intercultural communication
  • communication
  • development studies or
  • studies related to the MENA region.

Citizens of one of the member countries of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership


CIMOn apuraha 840 euroa/kk


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