Erasmus in Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about visits

I enjoyed my visit and would like to visit other schools as well. Is this possible?

Yes, you can visit as many schools as you like. Simply reactivate your profile in the Matching Machine.

The school that I was going to visit cancelled the visit. Is it possible to find another school to visit?

Yes, simply reactivate your profile in the Matching Machine.

I would like to visit the school with a friend of mine, is this possible?

Ask the teacher if she/he is willing to take several visitors at a time. If yes, ask the teacher to make a doublicant of the Educational visit and match your friend to it once your friend has registered to the programme. Thus, all of you go through the same process inside the Matching Machine and your friend will be entitled to a certificate of participation and a possible reimbursement of travels as well.

Travel expenses

I was matched with a school that’s located outside the city that I am living in. Will my travels be reimbursed?

Yes, you can find the travel reimbursement form along with a set of instructions in “My educational visits” in the Matching Machine once the teacher has confirmed your visit. You will receive a notification by email once the visit has been confirmed.

The school that I am going to visit is located just outside the city that I am living in so I can pay the trip by using my electronic travel card. How do I send the receipts of my trips to EDUFI?

If you use an electronic travel card, in most cases, it is impossible to get travel receipts that would indicate the place of departure, the destination and the time of travel. We advise students to buy single tickets instead of using electronic travel cards so that the travels can be reimbursed afterwards.

The school that I am going to visit is located outside the city that I am living in and the teacher would like me to visit them several times during the semester. Will my travels be reimbursed several times?

You can visit the school as many times as you like but the maximum amount of visits that you can conduct in a single school through Erasmus in Schools is 3. Thus, your travels to the same school will be reimbursed three times at max.

Getting to the school (on time) requires me to take a taxi as part of my trip, is this okay?

Traveling by taxi is very expensive and will be reimbursed only in special cases. Contact us at erasmusinschools(at) well in advance before your visit explaining the situation and we will see what we can do about it. When filling in the reimbursement form tick the box that says “Reasons for not selecting the least expensive means of transportation” and provide an explanation for why you had to use a taxi as a part of your travels.

Accommodation expenses

The school that I am going to visit is located so far away that conducting the visit requires me to stay the night in the city that the school’s located in. Will accommodation also be reimbursed?

Yes, in this case send us an e-mail well in advance before the visit to erasmusinschools(at) explaining the situation so that we can help you with it. The hostel that you book needs to be the least expensive option available. Please note that Airbnbs are not valid options! If you do not choose the least expensive option, you need to tick the box “Reasons for not selecting the least expensive means of transportation” in the reimbursement form and give a valid explanation for why you were not able to choose the least expensive hostel. In this case be aware that you may not be reimbursed for the total cost of the hotel, only for the amount of the least expensive option that would have been available at the time of your visit.

The school that I am going to visit is located outside the city that I am living in and the teacher wants me to be present at the school very early in the morning. Will accommodation be reimbursed in this case?

Yes, read the instructions above.

The school that I am going to visit is located outside the city that I am living in and the teacher wishes me to be present at the school for two days in a row. Will accommodation be reimbursed also in this case?

Yes, read the instructions above. However, note that accommodation will be reimbursed for one night only.

Reimbursement process

I just visited the school that I was assigned to, how does the reimbursement process work?

The teacher needs to confirm your visit in the Matching Machine before the travel reimbursement form will become available to you in “My educational visits”. You will receive a notification by email once the teacher has sent his/her confirmation to us. Fill in the form following the instructions and send it to us along with the original travel documents within two months.

Is it okay if I send my reimbursement form and tickets by email instead of snail mail?

Unfortunately, not. All documents need to be in their original format. We cannot reimburse travels based on photos or scanned documents.

How long does it take for EDUFI to reimburse my travels?

After we receive your reimbursement documents in the mail, it takes about a month for the actual money to appear on your bank account. Check your account to make sure that you haven’t already received the reimbursement before contacting EDUFI to ask about it.

I am leaving Finland in about a month and need to close my Finnish bank account before exiting the country. What should I do with the reimbursement process?

If you are unsure whether you will have enough time to receive the reimbursement on your Finnish bank account before having to cancel it, fill in the details of your bank account in your home country in the reimbursement form.

The bank in my home country charges fees for international transfers. I filled in the details of my bank account in my home country to receive the reimbursement for my travels. Who pays the fee?

You pay for it. Unfortunately, EDUFI does not pay any additional fees. You also have the option of filling in the details of a Finnish bank account in the reimbursement form. However, please note that the account needs to be your own. We cannot reimburse travels onto anyone else’s account.

I don’t have a Finnish bank account and would not like to pay the fee that the bank in my home country charges for international fees. Is it possible to reimburse my travels onto a friend’s Finnish bank account?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The bank account that you fill in the reimbursement form needs to be your own.

I have a car and I used it to travel to the school, how do I fill in the reimbursement form?

There’s a box in the form that says “The invoicing party has used their own car for the invoiced journey, but has invoiced according to public transportation rates”. This means that you need to find out what the journey would have cost by train/bus and invoice EDUFI according to those public transportation rates. Tick the box and fill in the costs of the tickets and the stages of the journey in the table above. Attach a printout/printouts of the ticket rates that you found out and send it/them to us along with your reimbursement form.

Certificate of participation

It’s been a while since I visited the school, but I still haven’t received my certificate, what’s wrong?

The teacher is the one to give you your certificate. Contact him/her to receive it.