PPT Pro-Poor Tourism

Coordinator University of Oulu
Contact details Dr. Katri Suorsa, katri.suorsa(at)oulu.fi
Prof. Jarkko Saarinen, jarkko.saarinen(at)oulu.fi
Budget€72 133
Duration 6/2014 - 12/2015
Academic field Geography
Funding since 2012


University of Namibia, Namibia
University of Pretoria,
South Africa
University of Botswana,
University of Johannesburg,
South Africa
University of Oulu, Finland

Brief Description:

The project Tourism and MDGs: Pro-Poor Tourism aims to develop pro-poor tourism and sustainable tourism courses and course elements in the partner universities serving socially and economically beneficial tourism development in the South. The project and related activities involving the core ideas of MDGs, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community-Based Tourism (CBT). In general, the purpose is to sustain and develop long-term collaborative structures and partnership which contribute to the development of higher education and capacity building in the universities and societies in the South in the field of tourism education.

The general aim of the project is to develop mutual collaboration between the partner universities involving North-South and South-South dimensions via student and lecturer mobility and educational course and programme developments. The concrete purposes ie outcomes of the project are:

1. To develop a joint course or major course contents (in North-South and especially in South-South relation) based on the project theme ‘Tourism and MDGs: Pro-Poor Tourism’;

2. Capacity building among younger staff members in general and specifically related to the project theme area; and

3. Create tools to measure the contribution of tourism in poverty reduction in marginalised communities.

Funded Activities
Number of Teacher Exchanges: 6
Number of Student Exchanges: 10
Number of Administrative Visits and Network Meetings: 1
Number of Intensive Courses: 1

Brief Description of Intensive Courses:

The intensive course was held in 8-20 June 2014 (local organiser UNAM) in Windhoek and Uis, Namibia. Venue was the University of Namibia and Uis/Brandberg Lodge. A total of 14 students took part of the course (7 females, 7 males) from Botswana, Namibia, Finland and Germany (Double Degree students, which used other mobility grants than NSS.). Five lecturers were responsible of the teaching. Fieldwork (e.g. interviews) were made in Uis and nearby areas, with excursions, data entry and writing of reports.

Brief Description of Dissemination Measures:

The project has co-developed new course materials that are already in use at the UO and UNAM and partly at the UB. The course blocks focus on sustainability and poverty reduction in tourism development. The network members (UNAM, UO, UP and UB) have been involved with revision of the UB’s Tourism and Hospitality Programme which involves Pro-Poor Tourism elements in lecture courses. The network has also produced an edited text book for course uses: Tourism and Millennium Development Goals published by the Routledge (Taylor & Francis) in 2013. In addition to formulated course materials, a joint PhD level collaboration plan was developed. Based on this, six PhD projects have been initiated and in process in collaboration with partners.