Network to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy use in lighting 2014-2015


Aalto university

Contact details

Dr. Pramod Bhusal, pramod.bhusal(at)

Prof. Liisa Halonen, liisa.halonen(at)

Budget€107 068
Duration 6/2014 - 12/2015
Academic field Engineering and Technology
Funded since 2011


Kathmandu University, Nepal
Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

Brief Description:

The project supports Europe-Asia-Africa networks between higher education institutions to provide education that promotes sustainable socio-economic development. The project aims assist selected two countries in South to reduce electricity consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions through capacity building of human resources in the fields of energy efficient lighting systems and renewable energy.

There are two components of the proposed project: teacher and student exchanges, and intensive course & dissemination measures. The objective of the student and teacher exchanges is to upgrade and enhance the skills and mobility of the students and teaching staff of the partner institutions. The project aims to promote the exchange of experience and information to enhance the understanding of importance of renewable energy and energy efficient lighting. The project will allow transfer of knowledge on new technologies and innovations in illumination engineering.

Funded activities

Number of Teacher Exchanges: 4
Number of Student Exchanges: 9
Number of Administrative Visits and Network Meetings: -
Number of Intensive Courses: 1

Brief Description of Intensive Course(s):

An intensive course titled “Energy efficient lighting and renewable energy use” will be organized at Kathmandu University, Nepal on 2015 Spring. The course consists of 30 hours of teaching and 3 hours of exam. Kathmandu University will provide the credit for the students completing the course which will be converted to equivalent local credit at the universities in Finland and Ethiopia.Kathmandu University will host the intensive course and will do practical arrangement to carry out the teaching. Teacher from all three partner institutions will take part in teaching. Students from all partner universities will attend the course.

Brief Description of Possible Dissemination Measures:

Two dissemination seminars, one in Nepal and one in Ethiopia will be organized on 2015 Autumn. The objective of the seminars is to spread the knowledge gained in the project to the students and academics in similar fields at other HEIs as well as to other stakeholders interested in the subject. Kathmandu University will organize the seminar to be held in Nepal and Bahir Dar University will organize the seminar to be held in Ethiopia. Representative from Aalto University will also contributein both the seminars.