Supporting Kenyan Forestry Education through North-South Mobility

Photo by: Javier Arevalo and Sari Pitkänen


University of Eastern Finland

Contact detailsDr. Javier Arevalo, javier.arevalo(at)
Dr. Sari Pitkänen, sari.k.pitkanen(at)
Budget€71 800
Duration 6/2014 - 12/2015
Academic fieldForestry, education, teacher/student exchange and training, education developement
Funded since 2014


University of Eldoret, Kenya

Brief Description:

The aim of this cooperation is to further strengthen the educational capacity and societal role of University of Eldoret (UOE) within the area of sustainable natural resource management. This aim is in line with those of the current Finnish Development Policy and Country Strategy for Kenya. The NSS network has a sister HEI ICI project and together these two projects enhancie: (a) the competencies and international exposure of students undertaking UOE’s forestry curricula through student exchange; (b) the quality and breadth of courses as well as the teachers’ competencies and international exposure through teacher exchange; (c) the knowledge on natural resource and forest management in connection to climate change and community related issues through the Intensive Course (IC), and (d) the dissemination capacity of UOE. These actions concerning the improvement of forestry and natural resource management education will ultimately have clear reinforcing positive impacts on the development of rural communities, forest-dependent people, and on the environment. The activies are student and teacher exchange, organising and running an intensive course and information dissemination.

Funded activities

Number of Teacher Exchanges: 6
Number of Student Exchanges: 8
Number of Administrative Visits and Network Meetings: 0
Number of Intensive Courses: 1

Brief Description of Intensive Course(s):

Forest Management in a Changing Climate: Application of Holistic Grass-Root Climate Services. Theme: Climate change and adaptations. The intended learning outcomes are that the students are able to understand, design and implement holistic grass-root climate services for community-level forest management.
Number of participants: 14 students (aim), 4-5 teachers.
Teaching methods: lectures, group work, field work and final seminar with group presentations

Brief Description of Possible Dissemination Measures:

The results, outcomes and material of the IC will be primarily disseminated as brochures and manuals to the participating nomad groups in Baringo-Marigat area. The brochures and manuals will be translated into the local language. In addition to that, material will be disseminated to other nomad groups in the vicinity, and electronic material (presentations, reports) will be made available throughout Kenya by means of UOE’s network of stakeholders and the agreement made with the INDEHELEA-Access NSS proposal, as well as within other parts of Africa including West Africa (in Ghana through the already mentioned UEF NSS network, and through the BIODEV project in 4 west African countries).