TEMBO II Sustainable Rural Tourism and Entrepreneurship 2014-2015

Coordinator Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Contact details

Irja Pietilä irja.pietila(at)tamk.fi
Eeva Heikkilä eeva.heikkila(at)tamk.fi

Budget109 600
Duration 6/2014 - 12/2015
Academic field International Business and Tourism
Funding since 2009


Saint-Augustine University Tanzania, Tanzania
University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Polytechnic of Namibia, Namibia

Brief Description:

The aim of the project is to develop and stabilize a network for promoting sustainable tourism and hospitality entrepreneurship and intercultural awareness in the participating countries Tanzania (2 universities), Namibia and Finland. This will be achieved through wide cross-curricular cooperation. The member countries are all willing to promote entrepreneurship and have considerable potential in the tourism sector. The participating universities and degree programmes have extensive know-how, and combining their knowledge can lead to new innovations.
In all participating coutries, there is a great potential especially in nature tourism. The environmental aspect is respected in all the participating countries, and developing sustainable tourism is in accordance with their national strategies.
Innovative cross-curricular collaboration between teachers and students of International Business, Tourism, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship aims at empowering the local stakeholders to involve themselves in the local tourism in a sustainable way by offering the opportunity for best practices sharing and student and teacher exchange, and by a joint innovative intensive course with the title "Sustainable Rural Tourism and Entrepreneurship".

Funded Activities
Number of Teacher Exchanges: 8
Number of Student Exchanges: 14
Number of Administrative Visits and Network Meetings: 1
Number of Intensive Courses: 1

Brief Description of Intensive Course(s):

"Sustainable Rural Tourism and Entrepreneurship" will be organized in Saint-Augustine University, Mwanza Tanzania during Autumn 2015. Two-week course (10 working days). All the partners send students (4/institution) and teachers (1/institution) to this course.
The intensive course will be rich in teaching tethodology. In addition to lectures, workshops, visits, excursions, innovative teamwork, panel discussions and oral presentations will be used during the intensive week.

Brief Description of Dissemination Measures:

The dissemination event "Sustainable Tourism Fair", which will be arranged during the intensive course, brings together academics, students, local non-academic business community and stakeholders to share the results of the week. The "Sustainable Tourism Fair" will be an open seminar which includes panel discussion with academic and non-academic partners, a poster presentation about the new plans and development ideas for local business community. Posters will be left in SAUT after the intensive course. That gives an opportunity to advertise the knowledge of the HEIs and the students. Photos taken during the intensive week in Tanzania and students´reflective writings will be distributed in webpages and in the blogs of HEIs.