Coordinator University of Tampere
Contact details Kirsi-Marja Varjokorpi, kirsi-marja.varjokorpi(at)
Anja Heikkinen, anja.heikkinen(at)
Budget€76 100
Duration 6/2014 - 12/2015
Academic field Education


Mzumbe University, Tanzania
Kyambogo University
, Uganda

Brief Description:

ReWell-project aims at increasing the capacity of academic staffs to develop vocational and adult education programmes and practices, which promote sustainable use of countries´ natural and human resources, improve people´s employability and wellbeing and combat exclusion in Pirkanmaa, Morogoro and Kampala regions, in the context of global industry and trans-national policies.

The project contains joint studies, teaching and supervision, based on collaborative research on regional adult and vocational education (VET). The shared themes in research, teaching and studies are:

1. Adult education and VET policy in regional and global perspective;
2. Industrial, economical, environmental and welfare policy in regional and global perspective;
3. Ethical and environmental aspects in adult and vocational education;
4. Role and responsibility of adult education and VET research and studies in regional and global perspective.

The main activities of ReWell include:
• Collaborative research, leading to dissertations and joint publications;
• Mutual student exchange (3,5-4 months/ student);
• Mutual teacher exchange (abt 1 month/ teacher);
• Three intensive courses between ReWell-group, practitioners and policy-makers (Mzumbe September 2014, Kyambogo February 2015, Mzumbe 10-11/ 2015);
• Collaboration in digital work and study environment;
• Mutual teaching visits, seminars, other events.

Funded Activities
Number of Teacher Exchnages: 8
Number of Student Exchanges: 8
Number of Administrative Visits and Network Meetings: 3
Number of Intensive Courses: 1

Brief Description of Intensive Course(s):

Mzumbe University 9/2014;
Kyambogo University 5/2015;
Mzumbe University 10/2015.

Brief Decsription of Possible Dissemination Measures:

Developing rewell-broschure in Mzumbe University;
Developing rewell-website in Mzumbe University.