Global Network for Performing Arts (GLOPAN)

Coordinator University of the Arts (Sibelius Academy)
Contact details

Leena Veijonsuo, leena.veijonsuo(at)
Tuovi Martinsen, tuovi.martinsen(at)

Budget MFA grant €120 650 + self-financing
Duration 6/2013 - 8/2015
Academic field Performing Arts
Funding since 2004

 Maasai performance near Kilimanjaro, by Jonna Sundberg.Partners:

Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland
University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana
University of Cape Coast, Ghana
University of Cape Town, South Africa
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique
Makumira University College, Tumaini University, Tanzania
Cairo Conservatoire, Egypti
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, Palestine
Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédia Balla Fasséké, Mali

Photo: Jonna Sundberg

Brief Description:

The project supports sustainable cooperation between partner institutions, such as academically meaningful teacher and student exchanges. Exchange activities also work as a tool for developing deeper cooperation: development of curricula, organizational structures and human capacity (e.g. continuing education for teachers). Cooperation also includes Joint Intensive Courses and networking activities. Activities are linked integrally with GLOMUS, an international network for higher education in global music and related performing arts.

The content and objectives of mobility activities are defined case by case depending either on the individual needs or on the defined capacity building needs of an institution. Overall activities of the network are all founded upon the fact that cooperation is based on the needs of the Southern partners. The main aim of the Joint Intensive Course is to gather together teachers and students and work on the new and innovative topics in performing arts. The project also aims at improving the existing knowledge and quality of education.

Past network activities have emphasized the creation of new, innovative aspects to music education as well as benefiting each others’ knowledge on different aspects in music and music education – and now it will encompass the same for performing arts in general, with the addition of theatre and dance to the network.

Funded Activities
Number of Teacher Exchanges: 6
Number of Student Exchanges: 15
Number of Administrative Visits and Network Meetings: 5
Number of Intensive Courses: 1

Brief Description of the Intensive Course(s):

Our next intensive course will follow the structure of our previous ones, in that it will be a biennial one entitled GLOMUS Camp and is scheduled for the spring of 2015 and will last ten days. However, the new topic is performing arts, as opposed to music. Overall the main aim of the (Joint) Intensive Course is to gather together teachers, students and experts to work on the new and innovative topics in music, theatre and dance, whilst still paying homage to tradition. Another new dimension is
that it is planned to be the first one in Asia, as one of our new partners - Universiti Teknologi MARA is to host it. In addition, theatre and dance will be new, stronger elements in the course in Malaysia. Holding the intensive course in Asia will also make the network truly global for the first time, as opposed to Nordic-African. The intensive course in 2015 will be organized jointly in cooperation with the GLOMUS network, for which the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg is the Sibelius Academy’s coordinating partner.

Participants in the intensive course within the confines of North-South-South shall number about 30. Each institution will coordinate their participants for the course, i.e. one teacher and 1-2 students per partner institution. Teachers will each be responsible for the workshops they run during the course, and the final public concert/performance will be the culmination of everyone’s joint efforts, both at home and at the intensive course in 2015. Namely, it will showcase the products of the small workshop groups, the Glomus Orchestra, Glomus Choir, Glomus Dance Troupe and Glomus Theatre. There will also be a full curriculum-free day mid-course, which enables efficient networking opportunities in a cultural/natural environment.

The intensive course will offer the setting for the network meeting and dissemination measure as well.

Brief Description of Possible Dissemination Measures:

One of the key issues that has come about in our previous network activity, is that our Southern partners lack skills involved in applying for external funding, namely PROPOSAL/APPLICATION WRITING. They are full of innovative ideas, but putting pen to paper has been a challenge for them, and thus, they have come to depend on Nordic efforts.

This has been the motivation for the dissemination measure we intend to implement. The Head of the Department of Music at Tumaini University Makumira (one of our partners and also the host of our Tanzania intensive course in 2013) is highly skilled at proposal writing and is extremely active on that front. This has resulted in Makumira’s music department being able to significantly increase their amount of instruments, activity, etc. despite having an official budget of ZERO EURO. This is very much thanks to the Head of Music, who teaches his students a course on proposal writing as part of the curriculum. This means not only he is finding pathways for funding for his department, but his students are as well.

This encourages precisely the kind of Southern activity that is necessary for further development. In the North, we do not have the resources to apply for everything on behalf of the South, nor is that in line with aims for development. Instead, it is necessary to improve the skills and awareness needed for Southern partners obtaining external funding themselves by becoming aware of it and actively applying for it.

As a result, our possible dissemination measure will entail the Makumira Head of Music teaching a course on proposal writing to all our Southern network partners. The course shall be held in conjunction with the GLOMUS Camp 2015 for Southern participants. The course shall also be recorded and distributed, thus allowing further members of our partner institutions’ faculties (outside GLOPAN) to gain access to the information and thus improve their proposal writing skills. Those who stand to gain access to this content and thus benefit also include academics and other interested stakeholders (i.e. other Faculty and Administration members and students) outside of the North-South-South programme bounds.

Website: Online activity is shared with the GLOMUS network, to which GLOPAN is strongly tied: