Accessibility grants and doctoral/research scholarships to Finland

An injury, illness, learning difficulty or other special need does not need to be a barrier to internationalisation.

Accessibility grants are available to supplement CIMO scholarships or other financial aid in many programmes administered by CIMO. These grants are also available to doctoral students and researchers making their way to Finland on a CIMO scholarship.

Accessibility grants are intended to enable doctoral studies/research in Finland in cases where a special need causes such additional costs as are not possible to cover from other sources.

Grants can be awarded for accessible accommodation, for example, assisted mobility or study-related special arrangements such as learning materials.

Who is eligible?

Accessibility grants can be applied by doctoral students/researchers who have been awarded a CIMO Fellowship , CIMO Winter School Scholarship or a Finnish Government Scholarship Pool grant to Finland.

How to apply for an accessibility grant?

Accessibility grants have a rolling deadline, but we recommend that applications be submitted as soon as the CIMO scholarship has been awarded.

If you have been awarded a CIMO Fellowship, the application will be submitted by the Finnish higher education institution. Recipients of a CIMO Winter School Scholarship or a Finnish Government Scholarship Pool grant will apply for the accessibility grant themselves.

As the need and nature of the support vary from one person to another, the amount of the grant will be decided case by case. The grant will be paid to the applicant directly.

Getting ready

We recommend that the applicants start preparing for their mobility period as soon as the scholarship has been awarded. It can take time to find out about all the relevant details and special arrangements.

Checklist to help you

CIMO and the Finnish ESOK network (Higher Education Access & Disability) have drawn up a checklist on accessibility and international student mobility. This list may also be helpful to incoming doctoral students/researchers and their Finnish universities.

Further information is also available from programme managers at CIMO.

Accessibility and International Student Mobility – a Check List (pdf)

Accessibility grant application form (doc)