Photo by: Andrés Moreno

The Eritrea Specific HEI ICI Programme

The overall objective of the Eritrea Specific HEI ICI Programme is to support the development of sustainable institutional capacity in HEIs so that higher education and research can contribute to the development of society, build competencies consistent with national development goals, and contribute to the goals of inclusive sustainable development and reduction of poverty.

The purpose of the Programme is to strengthen Eritrean HEIs as developmentally responsive institutions by enhancing administrative, field-specific, methodological and pedagogical capacity. This purpose will be achieved through institutional cooperation between the HEIs in Finland and Eritrea in selected result areas:

  • Improved quality and relevance of higher education;
  • Enhanced management, leadership and governance capacities in higher education institutions;
  • Improved information management in teaching and learning;
  • Strengthened the role and relevance of the HEIs in development and society.