For Coordinators

Coordinators’ meeting organized by CIMO on August 31 in Helsinki facilitated the start of Eritrea Specific HEI ICI programme. The representatives of the coordinating HEIs had opportunity to present their projects’ objectives and also to discuss possibilities of mutual cooperation both in Finland and in Eritrea. In addition to the HEIs, representatives from the Finn Church Aid participated in the meeting and made presentation on their ongoing work in the field of education in Eritrea. Moreover, the initiator of the programme Mr. Pekka Haavisto attended the meeting and shared information about his own experience.

Photo by: Ilmari Nokkonen


The contracting HEI will in collaboration with partners prepare and submit three reports during the project implementation period spanning over 2015-2017. The reports are prepared jointly by the cooperating HEIs, submitted to CIMO and approved by the Programme Board.

The deadlines are as follows:

  • Inception report: January 31, 2016 covering the implementation period until December 31, 2015;
  • I progress report: October 31, 2016 covering the implementation period until September 31, 2016;
  • Final completion report: at the latest August 31, 2018 covering the entire implementation period.

General on qualitative reporting

Progress of the project should be reported against the agreed performance indicators which are presented in the LFA matrix. They provide essential information for the project decision-making body to make changes or adjustments to the project plans and operations if considered necessary. Reports also provide a useful record for accomplished activities.

The templates for interim progress reports and final completion report follow the same format with focus on the progress made in the project against the project objectives and the expected results. However, while the interim progress report should be more concise, the final completion report discusses e.g. the impact of the project in more detail.

General on financial reporting

Financial reporting compiles the costs incurred during the reporting period and divided according to the budget lines. Costs have to be actual, accrued costs (i.e. verifiable and acceptable costs) caused by the carrying out of the activities of the project:.

  • cost items: staff costs, travel and subsistence, equipment costs, other costs;
  • partner institutions;
  • project result areas as outlined in the budget.

The financial progress reports cover the total amount of expenditure 100% incurred during the reporting period. The financing by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (80%) and self-financing are calculated in the excel-templates.

The financial completion report compiles all the accrued costs for the entire project implementation cycle.Thus, make sure that final total expenditure in the completion report is in line with the expenditures of the financial progress reports submitted to CIMO.

A prerequisite for reporting and monitoring is bookkeeping. This must be organised so that the project expenditure and costs are transparent and that each budget item is easily verifiable from the records. The project is an individual cost object in the HEI's cost accounting.

Inception report

  • short online survey on progress;
  • plan of activities 2016;
  • plan for procureements and financial transaction 2016:
  • bookkeeping report (printout from the accounting system).

Progress report

  • narrative progress report;
  • financial report;
  • bookkeeping report (printout from the accounting system);
  • document with compiled information on working hour reports of all partners.

Final completion report