Nice or funny Finnish words

  • "lämpimämpi"
  • "ötökkä"
  • "Hyvinkää"
  • "posttraumaattinen stressihäiriö"
  • "luonnonsuojelualue"
  • "hämähäkki"
  • "lautanen, surullinen, edullinen, millainen"
  • "kaiku, ikuinen"

Three associations from the word "Suomi"?

  • "Sauna, kala, punajuurisalaatti."
  • "Uusi maa, erilainen, kaukana."
  • "Mänty, sauna, koivu."
  • "Ruisleipä, mökit, Pohjoismaa."
  • "Kalevala, rakkaus, rauha."
  • "Sauna, salmiakki, hiihtäminen."
  • "Saari, rakkaus, kirjat."
  • "Luonto, yliopisto, koulutus."
  • "Sauna, puut, aurinko."
  • "Järvi, elämä, metsä."


Over the years thousands of students have participated in our summer courses in Finnish language and culture. The Suomea Suomessa (Finnish in Finland) training programme has also been popular among students. Below some students tell about their experiences.

Fernando, Italy

"My expectations were all about learning but the actual experience I am going through surprised me quite a lot because there have been many things that I was not expecting at all. For instance I had never taken into account the cultural exchange that I would have had with other students."

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Malwina, Germany

"Finnish is definitely different. The grammar is very complicated. I think that each language brings with it a different perception of the world. For example in Finnish you do not make any distinction between the genders. And this makes you perceive the world a bit differently."

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Sergio, Spain

"When I was 15 I used to listen to heavy metal music, for instance Sonata Arctica and HIM. They sing mainly in English but I made some researches in the web and found out they were from Finland."

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