Nice or funny Finnish words

  • "lämpimämpi"
  • "ötökkä"
  • "Hyvinkää"
  • "posttraumaattinen stressihäiriö"
  • "luonnonsuojelualue"
  • "hämähäkki"
  • "lautanen, surullinen, edullinen, millainen"
  • "kaiku, ikuinen"

Three associations from the word "Suomi"?

  • "Sauna, kala, punajuurisalaatti."
  • "Uusi maa, erilainen, kaukana."
  • "Mänty, sauna, koivu."
  • "Ruisleipä, mökit, Pohjoismaa."
  • "Kalevala, rakkaus, rauha."
  • "Sauna, salmiakki, hiihtäminen."
  • "Saari, rakkaus, kirjat."
  • "Luonto, yliopisto, koulutus."
  • "Sauna, puut, aurinko."
  • "Järvi, elämä, metsä."


Fernando, Italy

Why do you study Finnish language?

I study Finnish language because I am interested in Nordic cultures in general. As a matter of fact I study also Swedish.

Is Finnish your major or minor?

I would say that Finnish is my major subject but it is not completely correct since in Italy we do not have this kind of distinction between major and minor subjects.

Do you like this summer course? What is the best thing?

The best thing is that I have to speak Finnish all the time.

Do you have any chances to speak Finnish in Italy outside the university?

Yes, I do speak Finnish with an Italian friend of mine.

What do you think about Turku? Is a suitable town for summer courses?

It is. Turku is a beautiful university town where students have all the necessary things to study and enjoy.

Did you have any expectations about this experience before coming here?

Yes, of course I did. My expectations were all about learning but the actual experience I am going through surprised me quite a lot because there have been many things that I was not expecting at all. For instance I had never taken into account the cultural exchange that I would have had with other students.

What is different or special about Finland?

The constant presence of nature. Then of course there are many other factors such as the organization of society and life in general. I am not used to a system that works.

What is difficult and what is easy in Finnish language?

Vocabulary is difficult. I am used to the study of grammar, we study a lot of grammar in Italy so that is not at all difficult for me. But the vocabulary is very complex and different and it takes a lot of effort to learn it. Another good thing of this experience is that I have learned to use and remember words that I knew before, already in Italy, but which were impossible for me to remember because I was never using them while now I feel I possess them.

What Finnish words are in your opinion funny? What is your favourite Finnish word?

My favourite word is kaiku. I think it expresses clearly the meaning of the word itself. I do not know exactly why but there is just something in the word kaiku that reminds me of the word echo. Ikuinen is another beautiful word I like. It is as solemn as only eternity can be.

Do you like Finnish literature? Who is your favourite author?

I do. My favourite author is Koskenniemi. I read his poetries; they are very dark and sad. I love them.

What would you like to do after graduating?

I am in love with Finland and Finnish culture because the roots of tradition are still very strong here. I think I would like to go to Lapland and maybe become a researcher in order to preserve this amazing culture.

What kind of souvenirs are you planning to bring home?

I am going to bring home a lot of Finnish and Swedish books. Turku is a bilingual town so I have to bring home also some Swedish books.

Mention three things which come to your mind when you hear the word ”Suomi”

Lake, life, forest.

Fernando D’Antó
Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale, Italy