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General information about Finland
General information about Finnish language
Language usage
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General information about Finland

This is Finland
A website by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, containing varied and useful information in English. In several languages.

Visit Finland
A website of the Finnish Tourist Board aimed at tourists. In several languages.

A website with information about Finnish culture. In Finnish.

Information about Finnish society and opportunities available in Finland for immigrants. In several languages.

The Nordic Council
Information about the Nordic countries on the website of the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers. In the Nordic languages and in English.

Set of indicators for social progress. Prime Minister's Office and Statistics Finland.

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General Information about the Finnish Language

Institute for the Languages of Finland
Guidelines, recommendations, databases and dictionaries. Mostly in Finnish, some content also in English.

Society for the Study of Finnish and the Journal Virittäjä

Nykysuomen seura
Society for Modern Finnish. In Finnish.

Suomen Kielen Seura
Society for the Finnish Language. In Finnish.
Information about slang. In Finnish.

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Language Usage

The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK
TEPA term bank

Guidance on academic use of language by the University of Helsinki. In Finnish.

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Online grammar in Finnish, by Erkki Savolainen, Finn Lectura

Grammatical terms in Iso Suomen kielioppi grammar book
Definitions of grammatical terms in Finnish.

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Online courses, exercises

A Taste of Finnish
Introduction to the Finnish language. University of Helsinki. In English.

Tavataan taas!
Introduction to the Finnish language by the Language Centre of the University of Helsinki. In English, French and German.

Supisuomea, asiointisuomea and EasyFinnish
Study materials by Yle. In Finnish and English.

Introduction to Finnish for exchange students.

Koti Suomessa
Study material in Finnish for adult immigrants. Finnish National Board of Education.

Studying Finnish as a Foreign Language
Study materials for independent studying. Language Centre, University of Jyväskylä.

More links to study materials and online courses are available for example at Suomi toisena kielenä -opettajat association's website: course search
Information on Finnish language courses in the Helsinki, Tampere or Turku region.

Dictionaries and Glossaries

Kielitoimiston sanakirja
Finnish-Finnish dictionary. Institute for the Languages of Finland.

Urbaani sanakirja
Free slang dictionary. In Finnish.

Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences
Terminological database. In Finnish and English.

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Culture: general

The portal to Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes

Information by the Finnish Literature Society
In Finnish.

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Culture: history

Kansallisbiografia – National biographies
A collection of biographies of individuals who have made an important contribution to the Finnish society. In Finnish.

The National Board of Antiquities
Information about the Finnish material cultural heritage.

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Culture: literature

Finnish Literature Exchange FILI

Sanojen aika
Texts by modern Finnish writers.

The archives and collections section of the website of the Institute for the Languages of Finland includes Finnish texts from the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century. in Finnish.

An etymological database of the Saami languages. In Saami, Finnish, German and English.

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Culture: art, music and dance

Finnish National Gallery
Ateneum Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Sinebrychoff Art Museum, Central Art Archives.

Finnish Music Information Centre
Information about Finnish music in English.

Dance Info Finland
Information about Finnish dance.

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Culture: theatre and cinema

Finnish Theatre Information Centre

National Audiovisual Archive
The website of the National Audiovisual Archive includes, for example, an introduction to the history of Finnish cinema. In Finnish

The Finnish Film Foundation
The website of the Finnish Film Foundation provides information about new and forthcoming films. In Finnish, Swedish and English.

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Culture: media

YLE Uutiset
News from the Finnish Broadcasting Company. In Finnish.

YLE News
News from the Finnish Broadcasting Company. In English.

News in plain Finnish by the Finnish Broadcasting Company
News in plain Finnish from Finland and abroad.

YLEn elävä arkisto
The living archive of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. In Finnish.

The TV programme for teachers of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. In Finnish.

Finnish Newspapers Association
Information about newspapers and links to online newspapers.

News in plain Finnish
Online newspaper in plain Finnish
Finnish cultural, science and arts magazines online.

Finnish Network for Language Education Policies
Finnish Network for Language Education Policies - e-journal

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The National Library of Finland

The National Bibliography of Finland
In Finnish, Swedish and English.

The public libraries of Finland

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Finno-Ugric issues

M. A. Castren Society
General information, useful links and events. In Finnish.

Société Finno-Ougrienne – Finno-Ugrian Society
Finno-Ugric languages and their speakers. In Finnish.

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