Course for kindred peoples in Russia

Every summer, the Finnish National Agency for Education organises a course in Finnish language and culture for students of Finnish at universities in the Finno-Ugric regions in Russia. The course accommodates 25 participants.

Course location

The course takes place in Russia, in a different Finno-Ugric region (Komi, Mari-El, Mordovia or Udmurtia) every year. The course is organised by a local university in cooperation with the Finnish National Agency for Education. The teachers for the course come from Finland.

The goal of the course

The goal of the course is to improve the students’ knowledge of Finnish language and culture and increase interaction between Finno-Ugric peoples in Russia.

Contents of the course

There will be a total of 60 hours of language tuition in small groups to students who already have a basic knowledge of Finnish. One of the groups is for those in the beginning of their Finnish studies and the other for more advanced students.

The study material will be distributed during the course.

How to apply for the course

Students will receive information about the course from their Finnish teacher in their university, who will help them apply. The deadline for applications will be published in the beginning of each year.


The course programme, tuition, accommodation and study materials are free of charge to students.

Further information: Leena Kärnä | Contact