Translation course in Finland

The Finnish National Agency for Education and the Finnish Literature Exchange FILI organise together a translation course in Finland every other year. The course is held in Helsinki in August.

The next translation course will be arranged in summer 2019.

Who is the course intended for?

The course is intended for students of Finnish language and culture at the end of their studies or those recently graduated who are orientated towards a translator’s profession.

The applicants must already have some experience in translation and a very good level of Finnish language. The participants have to be able to read Finnish authors’ texts and understand their different nuances.

Candidates should have a sample translation that has been published (for example, an extract from an anthology, literary magazine or some other publication) or an unpublished translation that has been assessed by an expert who has the same mother tongue as the applicant.

10 to 15 people translating into different languages will be selected on the course.

How to apply for the translation course?

Teachers will receive further information about the next year’s course through the mailing list suomi-opettajat at the end of the year.

Teachers will recommend suitable candidates for the course. They will attach a separate reference for each candidate. The teacher has to be shown the published translation or the assessment that has been given of an unpublished translation.

FILI will inform the applicants about the results of the preselection. An application form will be sent to the preselected candidates. The applicant him/herself fills in the form and sends it by e-mail within the deadline.

Timetable for the 2017 application round

ByWhat should be done
31 January 2017 Teacher sends recommendations and references.
15 February 2017 FILI informs of preselection and sends application form to the preselected.
15 March 2017 Preselected applicants send their application forms to FILI.
31 March 2017 FILI informs applicants of final selections.

Contents of the course

The course includes lectures, translation workshops, meetings with writers and study visits.


Tuition, study materials and accommodation are free of charge to participants. In addition, applicants can apply for a travel grant from the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Further information: Riitta Uotila | Contact