Photo: Satu Haavisto

Support to universities outside Finland

Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) supports teaching of Finnish language and culture at universities outside Finland by

  • sending out visiting teachers on Finnish language and culture
  • granting financial support to universities to recruit a teacher for recruiting a teacher and for cooperation projects between universities concerning the teaching of Finnish language and culture
  • providing consultancy services, for example, in recruitment of teachers
  • arranging short-term teaching visits by Finnish university teachers
  • sending Finnish university students on trainee placements and to work as Fulbright teaching assistants
  • arranging study days in Finland and supporting regional meetings outside Finland
  • donating teaching material and Finnish magazines
  • providing information to teachers through a mailing list.

Sending out teachers and the financial support for recruiting teachers are the most significant forms of support. EDUFI supports universities that teach Finnish language as a subject or that are committed to developing the teaching of Finnish language into a full subject of study. The financial support available is limited, however, and not all universities that fulfil the criteria can receive support.

Short-term teaching visits are available to universities where the visit will be included as part of the study programme of students.

Teachers of Finnish language and culture can participate in annual study days in Finland and apply for travel and accommodation support for regional meetings they organize abroad.

All universities that offer teaching of Finnish language and culture can ask for consultancy services and teaching materials from EDUFI, apply to receive a Finnish student of Finnish language and culture as a trainee, and subscribe to EDUFI’s mailing list ukanet.