Study days and regional meetings

Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) offers teachers of Finnish language and culture at universities outside Finland opportunities to meet and get further training. EDUFI organises annual study days in Finland and, at its discretion, may give financial support to regional meetings outside Finland.

Study days in Finland

Every August, EDUFI organises study days for teachers of Finnish language and culture at universities outside Finland. The location and themes of the event vary from year to year.

The themes can include, for example, teaching of Finnish as a foreign language, current developments in the study of the Finnish language, Finnish literature, Finnish history and other areas related to Finnish culture and society.

Study days 2018

The annual study days in 2018 will be held in Oulu, Finland on 7 - 9 August 2018.

Further information: Leena Kärnä and Heidi Hiltunen | Contact

Study days 2018 (in Finnish)

Regional meetings

Teachers can apply for financial support for travel and accommodation expenses of regional meetings.

Regional meeting

  • is an assembly for university teachers of Finnish language and culture of a certain geographical area (within one country or in a group of neighbouring countries),
  • held in the country (or in one of those countries) where these teachers work.

Regional meetings discuss topics related to the teaching of Finnish language and culture in a university outside Finland. These meetings can be, for example, conference-like events or hands-on workshops. The core idea is that the meeting supports the teachers professionally and enables them to network and strengthen co-operation between universities.

Which costs may EDUFI help to cover

EDUFI supports financially travel and accommodation costs of Finnish language and culture teachers at universities outside Finland.

Financial support can be granted for reasonable expenses to teachers who travel to a regional meeting from outside the host town, if the participation is not covered by the teachers own university. Travel expenses are reimbursed on the basis of the least expensive mode of transport and accommodation is covered in a twin room. Financial support may cover the expenses only partly.

Financial support's aim is to enable participation and organization of regional meetins. If the regional meeting is organized as a part of another seminar or event, participant can get support only for expences of the regional meeting, not for those of the seminar. EDUFI may reimburse only inbound / outbound tickets if trip starts or ends with a holiday. Exceptions can be made, if the extended stay benefits the teacher professionally.

EDUFI's financial support does not cover speakers, meals, meeting premises or travel or accommodation expenses for other participants (trainees, Fulbright teaching assistants, Finnish Schools teachers etc.).

Applying for financial support

A teacher at the hosting university will act as a contact person.

The contact person will send to EDUFI

  • a preliminary programme of the meeting
  • a participant list
  • a budget for participants’ travel and accommodation expenses. *

Application form (xlsx) (in Finnish)

Application for financial support must be submitted 4 months before the regional meeting at the latest. EDUFI reserves one month for handling the application.

Instructions for the contact person (doc) (in Finnish)

*) The budget at the application form replaces the travel grant application, so the teachers do not need to send a separate application to EDUFI anymore. Only after the regional meeting, they should send a travel invoice to EDUFI.

After the regional meeting

The contact person will send a report to EDUFI no later than one month after the regional meeting.

Teachers will post to EDUFI a travel invoice with original receipts and tickets enclosed. The invoice should be sent no later than one month after the regional meeting. EDUFI will pay the reimbursements to the participant's personal account. The account must be a euro / currency account, ie. an account that can receive transactions in euros.

Reporting instructions (doc) (in Finnish)

Further information: Heidi Hiltunen | Contact

Forms for applying support for travelling costs

These forms can be used for both study days and regional meetings.

Travel invoice (xls) (in Finnish)

Travel plan form (for teachers sent by EDUFI) (xls) (in Finnish)

Visiting teachers sent by EDUFI

  • Send a travel plan to EDUFI by email prior to the visit.
  • After the visit, send a signed travel invoice by post with original receipts and travel tickets enclosed.