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Teaching materials and mailing lists

A university outside Finland can apply to Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) to receive Finnish literature and magazines to support their teaching of Finnish language and culture. Furthermore, all teachers of Finnish language and culture can subscribe to EDUFI’s mailing list suomi-opettajat which is particularly aimed at them.

Teaching material

Mailing lists

Literature to support teaching

EDUFI donates literature to universities teaching Finnish outside Finland. A joint order for books is made once a year in October/November. Further information about the order is posted on the email list suomi-opettajat.

EDUFI orders books and other study material from Finnish publishers. The themes of the books need to relate to Finnish language or culture.

The books are ordered at EDUFI’s discretion. The number of books EDUFI can donate is based on the status of Finnish studies in a university and the amount of funding available.

Finnish magazines

EDUFI subscribes to Finnish magazines to universities that teach Finnish language and culture outside Finland. The magazines relate to Finnish language and culture.

Every year EDUFI asks universities through the mailing list suomi-opettajat which magazines they would like EDUFI to subscribe to for the coming year. The number of magazines EDUFI can subscribe to is based on the status of Finnish studies in a university and the amount of funding available.

Further information: Heidi Hiltunen | Contact

Mailing lists

EDUFI maintains three different mailing lists to representatives of Finnish language and culture: suomi-opettajat, skk-lahetetyt and suomi-alumnit.

suomi-opettajat (previously ukanet) skk-lahetetyt (previously ukanlahetetyt) suomi-alumnit
For whom? for teachers of Finnish language and culture at universities outside Finland for teachers who have an employment relationship with EDUFI for those who have studied Finnish and graduated from a university outside Finland
What? current news from EDUFI

teachers' own messages
information from EDUFI about issues relating to teachers’ employment relationship current information about Finland, Finnish language and culture, etc.

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