Universities that teach Finnish language outside Finland can apply to the Finnish National Agency for Education to receive Finnish students to assist in teaching.


Every year, the Finnish National Agency for Education sends about 20 Finnish students or newly qualified students of Finnish language, Finno-Ugric languages or Finnish literature on trainee placements to universities abroad.

The traineeships are from 3 to 4 months. Students receive a grant from the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The trainees can, for example:

  • assist in teaching
  • run conversation classes
  • collect and prepare teaching material
  • supervise students
  • run the library.

A traineeship should be supervised and a trainee should have a named supervisor. Normally, the supervisor is a lecturer of Finnish language and culture.

How to apply for a trainee?

The call for applications is published every spring on the mailing list of Finnish National Agency for Education suomi-opettajat. The deadline for applications is 31 May. Applications are for traineeships taking place in the following calendar year.

The job offer by the university must include the following information:

  • the location of traineeship (the university, faculty and department in original language, city and country)
  • the trainee period (dates of the trainee placement)
  • responsibilities (to be described in as much detail as possible)
  • selection criteria (desired subjects of study, possible language skills required, other requirements)
  • salary (It is desirable that the university should contribute to the funding of the placement: salary, accommodation, lunch etc.)
  • accommodation (Can the university arrange or assist in finding accommodation? Can the university pay for it?)
  • further information (about the university, faculty, department, the host country etc.)
  • justification for why a trainee is needed.

The universities will be informed about the decision in August/September.

The universities will be sent applications from 1 to 3 applicants and they can make the final decision. Universities will receive the applications during October/November for placements starting between January and June; and during April for placements starting between July and December.

The university will need to send a report to the Finnish National Agency for Education after the traineeship.

Further information: Riitta Uotila | Contact

Reporting guidance to the university (in Finnish)