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What network co-ordinators need to know

The Finnish higher education institution in charge of a FIRST network will apply for project funding. The higher education institutions from Finland or Russia acting as partners of the FIRST-network must deliver an endorsement letter to the co-ordinating institution. Funding is given for one academic year at a time. Applications are invited once a year, typically in February.

National Agency for Education (EDUFI) will inform about the next application round during Spring 2017.

Applications are submitted online. A project plan and endorsement letters of the partner institutions must be appended to the application.

The primary selection criterion of the applications is the quality of the project plan.

The following will also be considered in the selection process:

  • reciprocal student and teacher mobility
  • how exchanges are linked to other forms of educational co-operation
  • with existing networks: previous co-operation in terms of quantity and quality

FIRST coordinators' meeting on December 7 2015

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