For applicants

The higher education institution coordinating the FIRST+ network submits a funding application to EDUFI on behalf of the whole network. As a rule, applications are received once a year, and the agreement period, or the period during which the activities for which funding has been granted must be implemented, is one year.

Who can participate?

In Finland, all higher education institutions may participate in the programme. In Russia, institutions across the whole country entitled to award Russian degrees are eligible to participate in the FIRST+ programme (accreditation).

The cooperation will take place across networks formed by the institutions. The FIRST+ network involves at least one higher education institution in Finland and one in Russia. In addition to the coordinating Finnish higher education institution, other Finnish institutions may also be involved in the network. FIRST+ is open to all fields of education.


The deadline for application round of 2019-2020 is 4th March 2019.

The following activities are eligible for grants:

  • Long-term student mobility (2–12 months) from Finland to Russia, including trainee exchanges
  • Short-term (5–59 days) student mobility from Finland to Russia
  • Teacher mobility, both outgoing and incoming
  • Intensive courses in Russia organised as a joint effort.

Student mobility is open to all degree levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level).

Applications should be submitted in the electronic State Aid system; there is no need to send hard copies.

The main selection criterion is the quality of the project plan.

Application package 2019-2020

FIRST Statement 2019 (for Russian HEIs)

The link to statement and guidance can be found here.