Photo: Tiina Lehmusvaara

For participants

EDUFI has announced the funding decision to those Finnish higher education institution coordinating the FIRST+ network. The decision covers the activities for which FIRST+ programme funding has been granted. The agreement period is 1.1.2018-31.8.2019.

FIRST+ 2018-19 Administrative Guidelines

Administrative Guidelines for the networks (in English) (pdf)


The coordinating higher education institution will be responsible for the use of funding and report to EDUFI on the progress and implementation of the activities in an interim report and, at the end of the agreement period, in a final report.

Interim report and application for additional funding

An interim report must be submitted to EDUFI by 28.09.2018 via the State Aid System (valtionapujärjestelmä). The electronic reporting system will automatically send a link to the beneficiaries before the reporting deadline. The interim report includes statistical and financial reports on the network activities up to then and an estimate of the total expenditure of the agreement period.

In connection to the interim report the beneficiaries may apply for additional funding if the number of mobilities is estimated to be higher compared to the granted mobilities in the initial decision. In the same connection, those networks which estimate that there will be unused grants during the funding period, may indicate this in the interim report for optimization of the funding.

Final Report

The final report must be submitted to EDUFI by 15.10.2019 via the State Aid System. An extract of accounts, with total sums tallying with those in the statistical and financial reports and showing the costs allocated to the project must be annexed to the final report. More detailed information on the final reporting is provided in the Administratorial Guidelines (see above).

The final grant will be paid to the beneficiary according to the realized mobility activities in the final report stage.

Templates for reporting the mobilities will be published on this website during year 2018.