Photo: Satu Haavisto

Generation Study Abroad

Generation Study Abroad (GSA) is an initiative of the American Institute of International Education (IIE), which aims to double the number of American students completing a part of their higher education degree abroad by 2020.

The Finnish National Agency for Education participates in the initiative as a country partner. The purpose of participating is to contribute to increasing the number of American students who do an exchange or internship in Finland. The aim is to balance student mobility between the countries as it has a considerable emphasis on exchanges from Finland to the United States. In practice, the Finnish National Agency for Education communicates information about the initiative, among other things, but does not award grants for mobility periods.

In addition, the Fulbright Finland Foundation participates as an international partner from Finland.

Norway (SIU), Germany (DAAD), the United Kingdom (British Council), Ireland and Greece are among the European country partners participating in the initiative. A total of more than 600 partners from the academic, public and private sectors in the different countries are involved, either as sponsors or, for example, communicating information to American students about the opportunities and benefits of studying abroad.

Further information:

Heidi Reese, email: heidi.reese(a)

Ulla Härmä, email: ulla.harma(a)


Generation Study Abroad Symposium Series international event, Helsinki, Finland from September 17th to 18th 2018. Further information on the IIE website