Projects 2017-2020

Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland has granted a total of 12 million euros to development cooperation projects carried out by higher education institutions (HEIs) in 2017-2020. The funding will be used to implement 20 projects in 16 countries to strengthen higher education in the developing world. The projects will last up to 3 years.

The cooperation will focus on the least developed countries in Africa and Asia, especially on Finland’s development cooperation partner countries. Other countries are also represented, such as Peru and Myanmar.

The cooperation takes place in HEI networks of varying size and geographical coverage. Several academic fields are covered, with a noteworthy focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration, business incubation and innovation, as well as teacher training and education.

The support is used to develop e.g. study programmes and teaching methods in the HEIs, to provide continuing education for the staff and to strengthen research capacity and working life connections. The projects contribute to the development of subject-specific, methodological, pedagogical and administrative capacities in the HEIs.

Name Countries
Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities Through Co-creation Between Universities and Businesses (BUSCO)Tanzania
Building University Capacity to Support Business Incubation in Nepal (BUCSBIN)Nepal
Support for Telecommunication Education, Research and Training at Yangon Technical University (TELECOM for YTU)Myanmar
Improving Maritime Education of Namibia with Double Degree Program of Maritime Engineering and with the Integration of R/V MIRABILIS as a Living Lab (MARIBILIS)Namibia
Teacher Preparation Programme through ODL Mode for Enhancing Quality in Education (TPP-Nepal) Nepal
Teacher Educators in Higher Education as Catalysts for Inclusive Practices in Technical and Vocational Education (TECIP)Ethiopia
Improving Capacity, Quality and Access of Geoinformatics Teaching, Research and Daily Application in Taita Taveta County, Kenya (TAITAGIS)Kenya
Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Mozambique (SuMNatuRe)Mozambique
Strengthening Human Rights Research and Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (SHUREA)Ethiopia
South Africa
Strengthening Problem-Based Education in East African Universities (PBL East Africa)Tanzania
Partnership for Forestry Higher Education Cooperation in Mekong Region (PARFORM)Lao People's Democratic Republic
Building Institutional Capacity in Leadership and Management of Ethiopian Universities (LMEU)Ethiopia
South Africa
Building Higher Education and Research Capacity to Address the Physical Activity and Nutrition Transition in Kenya: the Kenya-Finland Education and Research Alliance (KENFIN-EDURA) Kenya
Introducing Reverse Innovation Model in HEI in Tanzania (IRIS)Tanzania
Native Crops for Innovative and Sustainable Food Futures in Peru and Colombia (HEI-ICI PECOLO)Peru
Geospatial and ICT capacities in Tanzanian Higher Education Institutions (Geo-ICT)Tanzania
Capacity Building in Fisheries and Aquaculture Education in the Kyrgyz Republic (FishEDU)Kyrgyzstan
Online Training of Trainers: Initiative to Develop Pedagogical Practices in Palestinian Higher Education (eTraining Finpal)Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Eritrea Learning For All: Developing Post-Graduate Degree Programs (ELFA2)Eritrea
Promoting Education and Research on Energy Efficient Lighting and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development (EARLI)Ethiopia