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For applicants

Call for applications was closed 4 October 2016. Possible future calls will be announced on HEI ICI website and in the email lists of the EDUFI internationalization services.

What do we fund?

The programme is open to projects in all subject fields. In order to qualify, the projects must involve a minimum of 2 higher education institutes, one of which must be based in Finland and the other in an ODA recipient country. Under the terms of the programme, a Finnish HEI must always act as the funding applicant and project coordinator. All projects must be based on the needs of the target country HEIs. Potential development targets include:

  • administrative structures and work methods
  • curricula, teaching methods and materials
  • research-related structures and methodologies
  • libraries and information systems
  • service production
  • quality assurance systems
  • collaboration between HEIs and employers
  • promotion peer learning and opportunities for international networking among teaching staff.

The projects must promote the programme aims and relate to the programme result areas and result indicators set out in the HEI ICI Programme Document 2016–2018 (pdf).

The project partners are also encouraged to collaborate with non-academic partners, including private sector businesses, authorities and NGOs.

HEI ICI application attachment templates

Project Document, Attachment 1 (doc)
The Results Framework, Attachment 2 (doc)
The Work Plan, Attachment 3A (xls)
Budget, Attachment 3B (xls)
Key expert forms, Attachment 4 (doc)
The Risk Analysis Matrix, Attachment 5 (doc)