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For Coordinators

All HEI ICI projects are coordinated by a Finnish HEI. The Finnish project coordinator serves as the Finnish National Agency for Education contact person and is responsible for the internal project communication. The coordinator is responsible for guiding the project implementation in such a way that it follows the guidelines set by the programme and by Finland’s development policy framework.

Documents guiding the implementation of the projects

HEI ICI Programme Document 2016-2018 (pdf)

HEI ICI Administrative Handbook (pdf)

Annex 1: Change request form.docx

Auditing guidelines

General terms and conditions of state aid (HEI ICI) granted by the MFA (pdf)

Human Rights Based Approach to Development

Result Based Management in Finland's Development Cooperation

Anti-corruption Handbook for Development Practitioners (pdf)

Reporting Requirements

Projects receiving HEI ICI funding are required to submit annual reports to Finnish National Agency for Education. The reporting must be results-based and comprise both financial and project activity information, based on the project-specific indicators. Further information on reporting requirements is available in the HEI ICI Reporting Guidelines.

All reports and attachments need to be submitted through the EDUFI online reporting system.

Reporting Schedule

  1. 2017 annual progress report - deadline 31 March 2018
  2. 2018 annual progress report - deadline 31 March 2019
  3. Final project report - deadline 30 June 2020

Reporting Guides and Templates