HEI ICI Information and Guidance for Applicants

CIMO held an information day of the HEI ICI programme 2016-2018 for the spring 2016 call for applications on 31st May 2016.

Programme of the day

Presentations (pdf)

Recordings from the event (playlist at CIMO's YouTube channel)

HEI ICI programme 2016-2018: background and development policy framework (33:41)

HEI ICI programme Call for applications 2016 (44:56)

HEI ICI 2013-2015 project case: Crisis Preparedness in Health Care Education (CRIPS) (28:55)

HEI ICI 2013-2015 project case: Enhancing Education and Research in Networking and Communications Engineering (ENhANCE) (30:32)

Results based management (RBM) in Finnish Development Policy (33:17)

The human rights based approach (HRBA) in higher education projects (59:58)