Capacity Building in Fisheries and Aquaculture Education in the Kyrgyz Republic (FishEDU)

Photograph: Roseanna Avento
Academic Disciplines Fisheries and aquacultue, aquatic sciences
Project Budget € 478 132 with MFA funding, total budget € 597 665
Project Duration 1.3.2017-31.3.2020
Coordinating Institution Univeristy of Eastern Finland
Contact Details Roseanna Avento,
Partner Institution(s) Kyrgyz National Agrarian University, Kyrgyz Republic
Affiliate Partners UN World Food Programme, Kyrgyz Republic Country Office; UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Kyrgyz Republic Country Office; Regional Central Asian and Caucasus Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission; Department of Fisheries at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz; Aqua Service Ltd., Kyrgyz Republic; Natural Resources Institute Finland; Stimulator Ltd., Finland and Raisioagro Ltd., Finland
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Description of the Project

The FishEDU project aims at building capacity at KNAU to develop fisheries and aquaculture training and development. While two curricula for training professionals as fish farmers and as fisheries and aquaculture managers have been recently developed, KNAU faces challenges in their implementation due to a lack of trained teachers, a lack of training material and a lack of training facilities.

The collaboration of KNAU and UEF under the FishEDU project is to directly tackle this challenge by training trainers, develop teaching and study material and to develop the teaching infrastructure at KNAU thus providing an enabling environment for teaching fisheries and aquaculture at both levels: vocational and bachelor-level.

Key Results to be Achieved

1. teachers trained in fisheries and aquaculture as well as pedagogics

2. training material developed through piloting of courses

3. development of an e-library and an aquaculture demonstration centre