Strengthening Human Rights Research and Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (SHUREA)

Academic Disciplines Law
Project Budget € 600 970, 40 with MFA funding, total project budget € 751 213, 00
Project Duration 1.3.2017 - 30.3.2017
Coordinating Institution Åbo Akademi University, Institute for Human Rights
Contact Details Prof. Elina Pirjatanniemi,; Katarina Frostell,
Partner Institution(s) University of Pretoria, Centre for Human Rights, South Africa; University of Nairobi, School of Law, Kenya; Addis Ababa University, School of Law, Ethiopia; Makerere University, School of Law, Uganda
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Description of the Project

The SHUREA project strives to improved capacity in project countries to conduct human rights research and provide research-based teaching in human rights of high standard and relevance for societal development processes. To achieve this the emphasis will be on improved quality and availability of PhD training in human rights, and strengthened role of human rights research in societal development processes.

The project targets PhD candidates and post doc researchers in the field of human rights at the partner universities including academic supervisors. Apart from enhancing the capacity of individual researchers, the project aims at improving the institutional capacity of universities to provide high-quality PhD training, including obtaining new methods of training and supervision, expanding international cooperation practices, developing prospects for multidisciplinary networking, and building the research capacity of partner universities. The ultimate aim of the collaboration is to find ways and means to institutionalize the joint PhD training in human rights and make it a permanent feature in the cooperation between the partner universities.

Furthermore, the SHUREA project aims at reaching out beyond the academic community to different stakeholders engaged in societal development processes. Workshops with representatives of public authorities, legal profession, civil society organisations and private actors will be organized on current human rights-related topics. Research findings from ongoing research at the partners universities will also be disseminated online.

Key Results to be Achieved

1. Improved quality and availability of PhD training in human rights in project countries

2. Strengthened role of human rights research in societal development processes in partner countries