The North-South-South Programme objectives are in line with Finland’s development cooperation policies. The aim is to form long-term partnerships and network collaboration through mobility and networking activities. According to the Evaluation Report of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, results have been positive, and the Programme is a valuable asset to Finnish development cooperation as well as to the recipient higher education systems in the Southern partner countries.

Evaluation of the programme

Report of the Pilot Phase of the North-South Programme (pdf)
Evaluation Report of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (2004–2006)

Evaluation Report of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (2009:7)

Funded networks 20142015

List of funded networks 2014-2015 (pdf)
Statistics application round 2014 (pdf)
North–South–South awards more than 2 million euros for higher education development co-operation

Funded networks 20132015

List of networks 2013-2015 (pdf)
The first selection of North-South-South networks for the 4th programme period characterized by experience and high quality

Funded networks 20112012

List of networks 2011-2012 (pdf)
Networks 2011-2012 by country (pdf)

Results of the 2010/11 application round

List of networks 2010-2011

Results of the 2009 application round

List of networks 2009–2011(pdf)

Results of the 2008 application round

List of networks 2008–2010 (pdf)

Funded networks 2010–2011

Networks 2010-2011 (pdf)
Higher education institutions in South 2010-2011 (pdf)
Finnish Higher education institutions in networks 2010-2011 (pdf)

Descriptions of Funded networks 2009–2011

Community and Environmental development (COHSE) (pdf)
Development Studies North-South (pdf)
East Africa Technomathematics (pdf)
ESUFI Forestry (pdf)
Finnish-African Exchange Network for Higher Education in Music (FANM) (pdf)
Finnish-Vietnamese network for developing Mekong Delta region by ICT cooperation
FINPE (pdf)
Fordeve (pdf)
Globalization and the Body
Health Africa
HOPE Holistic Partnership in Social Work and Health Care Education (pdf)
INDEHELA-Education (pdf)
Jocid Network (Journalism for Civic Involvement, Democracy and Development)
Journalism Network, Twinning of Finnish and African Journalism Education Institutions (pdf)
MaZaFi Network (pdf)
N-S-S LIS network (pdf)
N-S-S Public Health Higher Education Network, PHEN (pdf)
ProEnv2: Process and Environmental Engineering (pdf)
Quality Teacher Education as Cornerstone for Sustainable Development
Social Well-Being in North and South (SoWeSo) (pdf)
Tanganyika Aquatic Studies Network
The Role of Music in Strengthening Cultural Identity in Southern Africa (pdf)
Tourism for Development (pdf)
Towards Millenium Development Goals (pdf)
Training Producers for Ecological Broadcasting (pdf)
Turku-Hai Phong for Cat Ba (pdf)