Information to supported projects

Finnish National Agency for Education will make a funding agreement with the Finnish higher education institution which co-ordinates a supported Russia Pilot network. This agreement will cover activities for which support has been granted from the Pilot programme.

Administrative guidelines 2016-17 (pdf)

Changes in the partnership

The Pilot project has been approved with regard to its partner composition as indicated in the application. Therefore, all changes to the partner composition of a Pilot programme are a subject to a formal amendment. Please, use the form below.

Partnership Amendment Form (docx)


Final Report

The co-ordinating higher education institution is responsible for the use of support and will report to CIMO after the agreement period. The co-ordinating higher education institution will send to CIMO the final Russia Pilot programme report by 13 October 2017. The final report includes the following:

1. Statistical and financial report template (xls): The statistical and financial report on student mobility will be drawn up in Excel. The final report should also include any student mobility respecting the programme rules which has taken place without a Russia Pilot programme grant.

2. Accounting report, with total sums tallying with those in the statistical and financial report.

3. Qualitative report (doc): a qualitative summing-up report of project implementation

The printed and signed final report must be sent as a hard copy at latest 13 October 2017 (post mark) to address:

Russia Pilot Programme / FIRST
Finnish National Agency for Education /

Internationalisation services for Higher Education

P.o.Box 343

Coordinators' meeting (11.5.2016)

The Pilot programme coordinators meeting materials:

Results, administratorial guidelines and financial rules - presentation (pdf)