Photo: Satu Haavisto

IIE Scholar Rescue Fund

The Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) programme offers scholars threatened or persecuted in their home country the chance to continue their work in a safe environment. Established by the U.S. Institute of International Education (IIE), the programme has been active since 2002. Finland joined in at the beginning of 2016.

Who can participate?

In Finland, the research and teaching periods ofscholars from conflict regions in the early stages of their academic career (=recent PhD graduates or with limited academic experience after graduation) are supported by the programme.

The programme in Finland is open to all higher education institutions (universities and universities of applied sciences) and all fields of study.

Support to scholars

IIE-SRF and EDUFI finance the scholarship periods together. The support available from the programme for a single scholar is approximately USD 50,000 a year, consisting of the following parts:

  • IIE-SRF support USD 25,000/year
  • EDUFI grant: €1,500/month + €5,000 installation allowance (optional).

The duration of supported periods can be 9–12 months. It is also possible to apply for an extension for another year.

The support is applied for by a Finnish higher education institution, which pays it to the scholar fulfilling the programme’s eligibility terms.

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