For applicants

There is a rolling application period in the programme. The programme in Finland is open to all higher education institutions (universities and universities of applied sciences) and all fields of study.

The support is applied for by a Finnish higher education institution, which pays it to the scholar fulfilling the programme’s eligibility terms.

Call for Proposals (FI,EN) (pdf)

Information materials for applicants

IIE-Scholar Rescue Fund Launch and Information Event for Finnish higher education institution was organized on 16 March 2016 in Helsinki.

Video: Syrian Scholar Notes Global Accountability to Host Academic Refugees (International Education News, 3 Feb 2016)

Programme (pdf)

IIE Scholar Rescue Fund (pdf)

James King, Assistant Director, IIE Scholar Rescue Fund

Video: IIE Gala 2015 Honoree | Scholar Rescue Fund (IIEglobal, Youtube 7 Oct 2015)

Application procedure for Finnish HEIs (pdf)

Sini Piippo, Senior Programme Adviser, CIMO

Application instructions for a higher education institution

The scholar to be financed through the programme must apply for entry onto the IIE-SRF’s list of potential grant receivers and pass IIE-SRF’s eligibility criteria.

  • If the higher education institution already knows a scholar suitable for the SRF period:
    • The scholar must apply for entry onto the IIE-SRF’s list of potential grant receivers:
    • A preliminary recommendation from the receiving higher education institution can be appended to the application.
    • The higher education institution can also inquire about the eligibility of a potential participant from IIE-SRF and EDUFI beforehand.
  • If the higher education institution is looking for a suitable scholar for an SRF period:
    • A list of candidates fulfilling the programme’s criteria in Finland is published on these pages (restricted, public information).
    • The higher education institution can request more specific information on an individual candidate from EDUFI (e.g. a CV, recommendations, publications or articles).
    • IIE-SRF acts as a mediator in contacts with the candidate, and a direct interview can also be arranged in some cases.
  • The higher education institution confirms to EDUFI its willingness to accept a given scholar and applies for financing from EDUFI using a separate application form.
    • The details of the research and teaching period are confirmed in the application form, such as the length of the period, content of teaching and research, financial and non-financial support etc.
    • Non-financial/indirect support can include work facilities and support functions, supporting professional development, conference participation, language training, support in accommodation arrangements, meal support, insurance and/or health care.
  • The scholar confirms that he/she will accept the place.
  • IIE-SRF confirms the Scholar Rescue Fund scholarship period.
    • The higher education institution signs a hosting agreement with IIE-SRF.
  • EDUFI makes a financing decision.
  • The hosting institution pays the grant to the scholar and invoices EDUFI on calendar-year basis
  • IIE-SRF pays the support to the higher education institution, which pays it further to the scholar.
  • The higher education institution has the main responsibility for the practical arrangements and guidance related to arrival, assisted in this with IIE-SRF and EDUFI. Key aspects include
    • a residence permit
    • accommodation arrangements
    • insurances
  • The position of the scholar is determined according to the internal practices of the higher education institution and depending on the content of the period. For example, the scholar can be a visiting scholar, a teacher or member of other hired personnel.
  • It is hoped that the higher education institute appoints an administrative contact person and an academic mentor for the scholar entering the SRF period.

Application instructions for the scholar

A scholar resident in any country can apply for the programme.

The Scholar Rescue Fund support in Finland is intended for Syrian and Iraqi scholars who are in an early phase in their careers, i.e. newly graduated doctors or scholars who have had little opportunity to get working experience after the completion of the doctoral degree.

The scholar applies for entry onto the list of potential grant receivers from IIE-SRF. There is a rolling application period. The applicant is eligible for the programme when IIE-SRF and EDUFI have assessed that the eligibility criteria are fulfilled. The applicant can also request a preliminary assessment from IIE-SRF and EDUFI before submitting the actual application.

Programme’s general eligibility criteria (en)
More detailed guidelines on how to become a grant receiver (en)

Frequently asked questions (en)