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Training and working abroad

Trainee programmes

CIMO provides international trainee opportunities for Finnish higher education students and recent graduates. The training placements are intended to support the students’ degree studies and to enhance their professional skills. Traineeships vary from a couple of months to 18 months and come with a CIMO grant.

Practical training placements are available in, for example, Finnish organisations abroad, departments of Finnish language and culture in universities outside Finland, organisations for expatriate Finns and the United Nations. They are also offered in foreign companies and organisations outside the European Union.

CIMO can also help Finnish higher education students in applying for a work permit in the United States and Canada.

Working as a junior professional in the UN and the EU

Young Finnish professionals with a Master’s degree can apply through CIMO to become Junior Professional Officers (JPO) in the United Nations and Junior Experts in the Delegations (JBD) of the European Union. The JBD posts are typically for 18 months and the JPO posts for two years.

The expert duties support the main objectives of Finnish development cooperation, such as eradicating poverty and promoting sustainable development. Both programmes are funded from the appropriations for development cooperation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Government officials’ exchange scheme opens up international opportunities to civil servants

Government officials’ exchange schemes facilitate the civil servants’ international mobility and professional development. The schemes are funded by the Ministry of Finance and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

CIMO may support individual civil servants on short-term secondments in their own administrative field abroad. Assistance is also available for continuing professional development in, for example, the École Nationale d’Administration in France (ENA, a graduate school of administration) or at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA).

CIMO is also the Finnish coordinator of the government officials’ exchange scheme funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. In this scheme, state employees are encouraged to learn about the administration and legislation of other Nordic countries. The aim is also to increase collaboration among the Nordic civil service community.