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Photo: Satu Haavisto

Euroguidance Finland

The Finnish National Agency for Education acts as the Euroguidance Centre in Finland. It is a member of the Euroguidance network (34 partner countries) that promotes European guidance cooperation linked to international mobility.

The Finnish guidance practitioners in employment offices and educational institutions are the key target group of Euroguidance Finland.

In the context of guidance and learning mobility in Europe, Euroguidance Finland contributes to

  • professional development of guidance practitioners
  • national and international networking of guidance practitioners
  • providing, exchanging and disseminating printed and online information on guidance and learning mobility in Europe

Euroguidance services in Finland are developed in close cooperation with

The Finnish Euroguidance Centre also cooperates with the following international guidance institutions and networks:

Euroguidance Finland is financed by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme (2014-2020), the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Contact us

If you wish to learn more about the services of Euroguidance Finland, please contact us for further information.

e-mail: euroguidance(at)

Programme Manager Tarja Juurakko-Koskinen (until 9 June 2017): +358295338517

Programme Manager Kati Heikkinen (from 12 June 2017): +358295338517

Information & Communications Mika Launikari: +358295338511